Damon Lawner, a California broker, is pitching this “1960’s re-creation” in Bel Air


This is a modern house, built (and completely furnished) in the style of the 1960’s. You like?  Your offer should be “in the $5M range”.

I kinda like this place….it’s groovy and swingin’ (click on the small photos, they get bigger).

11 thoughts on “Damon Lawner, a California broker, is pitching this “1960’s re-creation” in Bel Air

  1. Sick: An adjective similar to cool referring to something that is either great, or totally wrong. Source urban dictionary.

  2. Can you add a link to the listing? For “in the $5m range”, silly me, I’d like to see the house exterior.

    There are so many REAL mid-century moderns in LA begging to be bought and renovated, why build a faux one? Here’s one that came within a whisker of greeting the wrecking ball, but luckily was saved.

    PS: the suburb of LA is Bel Air, not Bel Aire. There IS a Bel Aire, California, up around Napa but in the photos above, there looks to be a totally sick view of the LA skyline, dude.

    • anon:
      Hmmm…all very interesting. Did I misspell “Bel Air”? I will fix. As for a link, I would have liked to provide one but this California broker bloke hasn’t officially listed the property. I learned of it because he sent an e-mail to the Greenwich office of Sotheby’s.

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