Multi-Families? Land?

These are not “chopped liver”, my friends.  You could do worse than to park some money in a Greenwich multi-family property.

In the last 30 days

8 multi-families  got deals.

Land? Yes, in the last 30 days, there were

5 land deals

But this category can be misleading and confusing.  You will note, for instance, that the above link contains a couple of repeats from the multi-family list.  In addition, quite a number of properties sell in this town as “house” sales, when in fact they are “land” sales.

1 Glenville Street (corner of Riversville, across from firehouse and Rebecca’s).’Member this one? Two apartments and two stores, what a deal! Last ask: $1.249M

2 thoughts on “Multi-Families? Land?

  1. I dunno why, but I love that building. Reminds me of of something out of Mayberry RFD. Half expecting Opie to pop out of it with his fishing pole and head on down to the Creek. Alas, no catfish this far north.

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