What Has Sold In The Last 30 Days?

The answer is:

96 listings!

I’m lumping everything together here; accepted offers, executed contracts, and solds. The highest priced property on this list asked $7.8M, the lowest, $395K. Of the 96, only 12 were $4M+, so Greenwich’s high-end continues to merely “limp” along.

Note: A few of these listings sold so quickly that they still don’t have photos (and the listing broker may not bother to add photos at all).

69 Rockwood Lane  has a deal. This “spec” house by Stone Harbor Land Co. took a while to get going, but I liked the result. 549 days on market. List: Lyn Stevens Sell: Marie BK Bates. Last ask:  $6.495M.

2 thoughts on “What Has Sold In The Last 30 Days?

  1. Thank you as always. I can see why you decided to include everything – seems like it was totally dead month for people actually closing. How many really closed? 10? Seemed pretty few and far between as I was paging through…

    • D:
      Well, I put ’em all together out of laziness, really. As for determining the “pulse” of the market, obviously accepted offers are the key indicator, since closings can reflect deals done months ago.
      So, how many accepted offers have we had in the last 30 days (single-family, condos, multi-family)? The answer is 41, which I’d say is a pretty good rate.

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