What Does $4 Million Get You In Greenwich?

So you’ve had a good year, the massive tax increases planned for 2013 by Uncle Barack and Malloy don’t worry you, and you wanna know:  If I spend $4,000,000, can I buy a mansion?

Hard to learn much from this tiny sample.  Using the same standard as my previous studies, i.e. contracted/closed in the last 6 months, price range $3.8M-$4.2M, all we get are

4 properties.

Amazing.  That certainly tells the story of the high-end market this year….lousy!

125 Byram Shore Road, sells for $4.150M, one of only four to get a deal in the last six months (within the precise range of $3.8M-$4.2M)

James And The Giant Peach

This is a blog written by some Greenwich kid currently attending Duke University (?)  Something like that, I think.  Anyway, he’s traveling around Europe (unlike the rest of us schmoes) and for some reason, has linked to my blog, so….the least I can do is reciprocate.  I’ve added his blog to the Blogroll, shown on the right of your computer screen (or scroll down to the bottom on your mobile device).

Also, it’s fairly well-written and amusing.

James And The Giant Peach*

A quaint village in the Pyrenees, outside of Barcelona (Spain, don’t you know). The intrepid blogger from Duke made a stop here.

*No known connection to the brilliant children’s story written by that odd-ball, Roald Dahl.

What Does $2 Million Get You In Greenwich?

Ok, same as last time:  Has to have sold in the last 6 months and, for this survey, price-range is $1.8M – $2.2M.  The result?

35 properties.

Again, that’s a pretty narrow price-range, but, compared to the mere 10 examples between $2.8M-$3.2M,  it shows you where market strength is, doesn’t it? Anway, take a look at the results, because those are fresh sales, showing what the market’s doing now.

4 Dogwood Lane, which closed at $2.2M. An excellent example of “what you get in Greenwich” for that amount of money.

What Does $3 million Get You In Greenwich?

For the purposes of this exercise, “3 million” means $2.8M-$3.2M.

In the last 6 months, only

Ten properties

sold in that precise range.  Despite the small sample, I think these ten examples offer a very good idea of what you get for your money around here.

8 Saint Claire Avenue (Old Greenwich), the first completely “green” house I’ve seen. In this group, it was my favorite.

49A Shore Road Before/After

The good news here is that, if you put money into your property, you might actually get it back!  Great Scott, can it possibly be?

Here’s a swell example, reported today:  49A Shore Road , Old Greenwich , (link shows before & after listings).

It sold for $2,650,000 in January, 2011 and sold again today, one year, 10 months later, for $3,560,000.

The difference? New “custom finishes”, lower level au pair suite, 2nd laundry room, gym, wine cellar, 3rd floor playroom, flagstone terrace, landscaping, gas-grill, and generator. Anyway, the whole thing added up to a $910,000 higher selling price.

List: Ann Simpson

Sell:  Debby Gardiner

Installing A Cedar Roof

Did you cedar roof?

Yes, I saw der roof….very nice, thank you!

Just before builder friend Jon Sparks left for Beverly Hills, I asked him for a cedar roofer recommendation.  His choice was Mr. Juraj Struk, a native of Slovakia who, here in America, calls himself “George”. Struk’s company, Coppercraft Enterprises, Inc., did a great job.

I also got estimates from a couple of asphalt roofers, the most impressive of which came from the guy at Vinylume, but ultimately, I chose cedar (at about twice the price of asphalt), because houses simply look better with a wood roof. The smell of cedar is an added benefit. And yes, during a recent torrential rain, I went up to the attic with a flashlight, looking for leaks…none!

Here’s what Mr. Struk’s proposal for my job looked like:

• Remove one layer of existing asphalt shingles

• Install new copper drip-edge & rake edge

• Install ice & water shield

• Install top guard paper (synthetic, Tyvek-type)

• Install cedar breather

• Install new 18″ X 5/8″ tapersawn Anbrook wood shingles (40-year, transferrable warranty)

• Install new ridge vent

• Install standing-seam copper roof (back side of house) with snow guards

• Install new copper valleys

• Install new copper step flashings

• Install new chimney flashings

• Install new copper roof vent-pipes

• Replace/install new siding on dormers

• Replace/install new siding wall flashing areas

George gave me several alternatives to lower the cost a bit, like using white or black rubber, instead of copper, for the half of the rear roof that wasn’t pitched enough for shingles.  I went with copper, so as not to mar Brunswick School’s view.  George also brought along 1/2″ cedar shingles and 5/8″ shingles, laying them side by side, so I could see the difference.  I went with the thicker ones.

Price?  $39,000.

I got no deals, no kick-backs, no favors, so this recommendation is, AS ALWAYS, a free plug!

Juraj (“George”) Struk, owner/operator of Coppercraft Enterprises, Inc. for slate roofs, wood roofs, tile roofs.  Also siding, seamless gutters, copper specialists. (203) 329-6569.