CVS world headquarters?


Yep, now we have FIVE CVS branches. Add that to our 56 banks, and I’d say we’re a town ready for anything.
This latest CVS is at 644 West Putnam Avenue, corner of West Put and Weaver Street. The building was clearly designed for something more significant than a drug store, but landlords take what they can get these days. Very odd, driving up to this grand, modern building, only to see that it’s just another &@%#-ing CVS!

11 thoughts on “CVS world headquarters?

    • Another R:
      I do actually like the building; it at least shows a bit of imagination on the part of the architect. It could easily have been just another “glass box”, and, in any case, it is vastly superior to the huge pit.
      I believe the whole thing started as the future home of Greenwich BMW, but they got spooked by the dot-com crash in March, 2000.

  1. this one is much more efficient than the greenwich ave one. longer hours, one hr online photo print pick up (greenwich ave one doesn’t have this service now). less crowded…..

    • Anon:
      I suppose…but I was there Saturday and it appears to me that this place has been “discovered” by the Greenwich public. It was pretty crowded, so much so that I gave up trying to buy some Claritin D, 24-hour,non-drowsy formula (for my meth-lab) and went over to the Cos Cob branch.
      Note to DEA: That meth-lab remark was intended to be humorous.

  2. They finally filled in the hole?! IT was a hole the entire time I lived in Greenwich, I had some affection for that place, it was so refreshingly…raw.

  3. I know I’m easy to please, it just amused me to know in that in Greenwich of all places what looked like prime commercial land was a hole that showed no movement, no action, … no anything for years… and that comical little stilt building to the side was good for a laugh too.

    It was just so unlikely and surprising.

    Any idea what they did with the hole? Fill it in? ( SNORT) or do they have the world largest basement under there now?

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