How To Sell Real Estate: Lesson 26

Great Scott, have I posted 25 of these little lessons already?? (No, but I liked the sound of that “lesson 26 ” )

So here I go again, passing on pearls of salesmanship wisdom, otherwise known as painfully obvious conclusions

A client of mine has been actively looking for a couple of months in the $3M-$4M range. He’s bid on a few, never enough to make the deal. Meanwhile, eight of the properties he’s looked at have gone to contract! That fact should be significant to a buyer, yes? If eight out of ten things you’ve visited sell soon afterwards, you can safely conclude the following:

• The properties you’re looking at are desirable.

• There really is a market going on out there, you are not alone!

• You should probably bid higher if your goal is to own something.

Again, all obvious stuff, but if your client is the busy sort, he may not be putting it all together. So the smart broker does it for him, sends an e-mail with the eight listings and says LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENING.

Now you’ll have an educated, up-to-speed client who is ready to pounce on the next one. Class dismissed.

2 Parsonage Road, started at $4.295M, reduced to $3.975M, now has a deal. This is one of the eight that a client of mine was considering for purchase.

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