153 West Mountain Road, Ridgefield, CT

This place started out last year at $18,000,000, a damned good price, if it were in Greenwich.  Eventually the sellers realized it was Ridgefield, so the price has now been slashed to $11,750,000.

For all that, you get a truly grand house on…are you sitting down?…87.64 acres! 

That’s woods, fields, meandering brook, riding trails, meadows, lawns, pool, tennis court, stables, kennel, guest house, 12-car garage (!), country store (just kidding, no store). And all within a minute or two of “downtown” Ridgefield (actually a charming little hamlet).

I really want this, or at least want to sell it*.

*Note to selling broker: commission is only 2%.  You may want to negotiate that before showing.

Here’s the listing:  153 West Mountain Road

153 West Mountain Road, in Ridgefield. The driveway looks to be about a quarter mile long, so if you’e looking on GoogleMaps or Birdseye, look quite a distance from the road.

3 thoughts on “153 West Mountain Road, Ridgefield, CT

  1. Unrelated question :
    Will 309 Taconic ever find a buyer?
    I recall the article in the Greenwich time about this monstrosity, with the owner having admitted to spending roughly 25mil.
    Current asking 9.75mil
    I want to say its been on the market roughly 4-5 years??
    Have you seen it personally?
    What’s the number that makes the purchase make sense?

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