47 Indian Field Rd: You Wanna Bargain? Here’s Your Bargain

Too late!  It’s gone to contract, but I do think it was quite a deal.

What you have here is a nice old 1900 house, on .57 acres, that was turned into a 3-family home.  Perhaps the next owner will turn it back into single-family, who knows.

47 Indian Field Road, Greenwich, CT

This is the busy part of Indian Field Road, not the part with the guard house, called “Mead Point”.  In case you’re wondering, here are the 7 properties that have sold in the last 12 months with an Indian Field Road address.

3-family home at 47 Indian Field Road, now has contract.

6 thoughts on “47 Indian Field Rd: You Wanna Bargain? Here’s Your Bargain

  1. Quite the price range on Indian Field Road — over $10 mill to under $1 mill. And if you take into account that 3 families can live at #47, it’s downright cheap by Greenwich standards (only $250,000 per family).

    • Trader:
      Yep, the address of “Indian Field Road” could be quite confusing to an out-of-town appraiser or first-time house looker. Truth is, the part of the street that begins AFTER the guard house should probably have a variation of the name, perhaps “Indian Field Lane” or something.

  2. A few beautiful houses and properties right on the water. I wonder how they made out during the storm. Some of them look pretty low lying from the photos…Any idea?

  3. Entirely Off Topic: Very surreal to see the snow flakes traversing your masthead image of the view on the mid-summer view over L.I. Sound. KEWL!

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