For The Week: Nov. 12 – Nov. 16, 17 Closings

Ok, let’s get back on track here, shall we?

14 single family homes closed this week, as well as…

2 multi-family

1 land listing

9 Miltiades Ave., Riverside (“Miltiades”, you’ll recall, was the Athenian general who defeated the Persians in the Battle of Marathon, 490 BC) sells for $2.695M, a record price, by the way, for a property that backs up to the railroad! Builder paid $615,000 for the land. Note: caption link shows before/after.

The Wall Flowers at Port Chester’s Capitol Theatre

Yep, this was tonight.  Very cool, and for $26?  A flippin’ bargain, if you ask me. Proceeds went to a fund to help hurricane/tropical storm Sandy victims (I paid for my own tree work, thank you).

I strongly recommend this Capitol Theatre. It’s right there where it’s always been, in the middle of downtown Port Chester, New York, across the street from the train station.  Check this place out.

Jakob Dylan of The Wall Flowers performing “One Headlight” at Port Chester’s Capitol Theatre tonight.

Greenwich Real Estate Losses: Who Holds The Record?

For a minute there, I thought someone had finally beat the amazing $8,250,000 loss suffered at 112 Field Point Circle in 2009.

But no, this week’s closing of 25 Sherwood Avenue revealed a loss of “only” $7,900,000 *.

So, the record stands!  For now…

*A complicating factor in determining this ignominious record is the fact that the seller of 25 Sherwood had put hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of improvements into the property plus, in order to induce a quick sale, offered a higher than average commission and a $200,000 bonus to the selling broker. This commission “bump”, plus the bonus, amounts to $255,000. Did the seller’s loss, therefore, actually exceed the $8.250M loss at 112 Field Point Circle?  Undoubtedly.

The winner and still champion! 112 Field Point Circle, former “Victor Borge estate”, sells as a land listing for $25.75M in 2007 but only $17.5M in 2009.

25 Sherwood Avenue, spectacular estate on 15 acres, sells for $18.9M in 2009, and now, this week fetches a mere $11M.

One More Reminder Of Jimmy Carter



Let’s see, we’ve got the first murdered ambassador since…the Carter Administration. An economic collapse not seen since…the Carter Administration. A feckless foreign policy that rewards enemies and punishes allies, not seen since…the you-know-who Administration. And now, gas lines are back! We haven’t seen these since…well, you know.

The only thing missing is double-digit inflation. At least we know that will NEVER happen!
PICTURED: Yesterday’s 20-car line up at Cos Cob Citgo station.

Spot A Utility Truck, Win A Prize!

Inspired by the famous story of Willy Wonka and the “golden ticket”, Connecticut Light & Power, in conjunction with the offices of Governor (Book’em Danno) Malloy, has announced that a prize will be awarded to the first Greenwich resident who spots a CL&P utility truck anywhere within the Town’s borders, and calls the contest hotline!

What’s the prize?  A guided tour of the Capital building in beautiful downtown Hartford by none other than 3rd deputy governor (and CT Lottery chairman), Mr. Frank Farricker!

As I was discussing this morning with blogger Chris Fountain, there are two possible causes for why CL&P is deliberately avoiding Greenwich:

1.  It’s political.  Helping Greenwich rich people get their power back first would be terrible for public relations.  Never mind the ONE BILLION + DOLLARS that Greenwich pays in state taxes each year…we receive no thanks, we receive no favors.  “#%@& Greenwich”, as Hartford politicians like to say.

2.  Generators.  The other possible cause is that all the biggest complainers, the ones with any kind of clout whatsoever, long since gave up on the formally-reliable CL&P, and purchased generators.  “I’ve got my %#@&-ing generator, I don’t care how long the power stays out!”, one imagines them saying.

So, where does that leave thee and me, regular folks with neither clout nor generators ?  Screwed, what else!

Seen one of these anywhere in town? I don’t think so!                                                       UPDATE:  Oops, just spotted one on Stanwich Road, 5:43 PM….dammit!