Sales-To-Date This Year: 518 (Last Year: 525)


Ok, the figures I reported below reflected single-family sales which had contracts signed in 2012.  It turns out, it is more sensible to simply tabulate the number of properties that have sold this year, rather than concern ourselves with when the actual contract was signed…get it? (Me, neither)

That said, so far this year we’ve had 518 closings of single-family homes.

Want to see all 518 sales? Here they are:

518 sales from Jan. 1, 2012- Dec. 10, 2012

In addition, there are exactly 99 properties under contract (not including condos, multi-families, and land), so perhaps we’ll finish out the year at around, what, 525 sales? That would compare to 2011’s 508 sales, so we should end up ahead of last year, maybe way ahead.

But are we beggaring our future here? Are we front-loading what would have been some of next year’s sales, as people RUSH to get it done this year, in order to avoid the massive tax increases that were built into those 2,000 pages of ObamaCare? Yes, that is exactly what is happening.


158 Indian Head Road, last ask $12.5M. It’s one of 99 properties presently under contract.

2 thoughts on “Sales-To-Date This Year: 518 (Last Year: 525)

  1. Wow, a veritable flurry of activity, both sales and you actually POSTING to your blog. Then again, I’m hardly in a position to throw stones at glass houses.

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