Christmas Bargains: Why The End Of The Year Is The Best Time To Buy

Ok, so Greenwich is never, ever a “bargain”, too many people continue to want to live here for anything to sell at a bargain price. But…it is exactly this time of year that the wise purchaser can scoop up a relative bargain.

Why? Because all that remains on the market at the moment are left-overs that were over-priced months and months and months ago. The sellers, beaten down and discouraged, are finally ready to let the place go. Great news for buyers, and a poignant lesson for sellers: Don’t over-price.

111 Patterson Avenue, Greenwich (NOT one of my listings), now officially a bargain at $1.850M.  Drawback: You get to live next door to ME.

111 Patterson Avenue, Greenwich (Not my listing!) Now, officially a bargain at $1.850M. Additional attractions: proximity to Brunswick School and…. Gideon Fountain’s new cedar roof.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Bargains: Why The End Of The Year Is The Best Time To Buy

  1. I’m curious have we seen many AO since Super Storm Sandy? I would think things would have slowed down especially in Riverside and OG

  2. You really feel this is a (greenwich) bargain? Looking back at 37 Perryridge around the corner, newly/nicely renovated product is $600/sf and totally crumby in need of a lot of work is $280/sf (even less if you look at the increased size it became)… this is still on the upper end of that range and looks pretty dated. Do you think this sells for close to its current ask?

    • D:
      Well, in favor of your argument is the fact that it hasn’t, I will admit. On the other hand, using some recent sales on nearby Maher Avenue, of houses in similar condition, on smaller lots, leads me to believe this one’s close to the right price. Let’s take another look in late January.

      • Not trying to sharpshoot you – sorry. I agree there’s some disconnect here. All I have is crappy Zillow data, but Maher ave sales on Zillow are 26, 22, 9, and 6 and unless the house is “as-is” they sold for over $700/sf. Granted that’s a better street, but jeez. Then you have perryridge which after the aforementioned 37 went, that street lite on fire too.

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