Chris Fountain’s Interview On CNN

Chris Fountain on TV, now he MUST be famous.

Chris Fountain on TV, now he MUST be famous. (CNN’s thrilled! It’s viewership went from 48,756 to 1,305,000* for their early morning show. Maybe they should have Chris on every day)
*Made up numbers!

UPDATE: I changed the link to a direct CNN one.

Were you searching for the perfect phrase to describe Chris Fountain’s vindictive decision to publish the names, addresses, and other biographical details of all staff members of Westchester’s Journal News who contributed to the Journal’s report that featured an interactive map of all gun-permit holders in Westchester County? Search no more!

A Childish 180“. Yep, that’s what blogger John Surico of the Village Voice (cited recently for its child-prostitution ads on the back pages) has termed Chris’s clever turning of the tables.

Me, I like it this sort of table-turning.

Chris Fountain’s interview this morning on CNN Note that it takes four CNN guys to gang-up on poor little Chris. (Starts with bizarre ad for Subaru, press “skip”)

7 thoughts on “Chris Fountain’s Interview On CNN

  1. Indeed Cobra. I used to comment on his blog, too much traffic there now however.

    It did seem as if the CNN crew danced around him, afraid to rile the mighty Fountain.

    • Cos:
      It’s been pointed out to me that CNN’s link only shows PART of Chris’s interview! I will attempt to locate the full segment. You’ll notice it took 3 or 4 of those clowns to “handle” Chris!

  2. Gids, Figures! Typical media “editing,”

    I hope in the complete edition I hear Chris get a snow plow joke in for Cos Cob.

    -Btw, how jealous must FF be at this point. Sure FF dominates the local rag with his ultra petty hyper local politics, but FF has no chance making waves at CNN or elsewhere…on the very channels and medium (tv) he is sure to adore.

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