Jodie Foster At The Globes

Every year I swear I’ll skip this dopey show, and somehow every year I end up watching at least part of it.  Jodie Foster’s long, rambling nonsensical “speech” perfectly symbolizes the problem with The Golden Globe Awards; they allow the participants to drink throughout the show!

No kidding, everyone’s sitting around large, white linen tablecloth covered tables being served limitless quantities of adult beverages. After a few hours of that, America’s favorite performers begin to become odd and silly. All well and good for a private party, but gosh, this is national TV!

Jodie Foster at the Golden Globes...looked absolutely fabulous, but surely drunk by the time she got up to speak.

Jodie Foster at the Golden Globes…looked absolutely fabulous, but surely drunk by the time she got up to speak.

6 thoughts on “Jodie Foster At The Globes

  1. Apparently she was working up her Dutch courage to confess that she’s a [lesbian]. The adoring press showed pictures of her two proud sons and knowing Hollywood, they probably are.

    • Anon:
      Well, heck, I don’t blame her sons, fer gosh sakes, their Mom’s a MAJOR movie star, what’s not to be proud of, I ask you.
      BUT, that speech last night, oy.
      And the whole point was to “let the cat out of the Cellophane bag” that she’s gay?? Is there anyone left out there who gives a &@%#? Yep, I blame alcohol.

      • More to the point: is there anyone who even peripherally follows hollyweirder antics) who didn’t already know that she’s lesbian?

  2. I like Jodie, other than the gay thing which just ruins my fantasy, she’s smart, educated, ( really, I may disagree with her but if you’ve listened to her interview she’s not normally just spewing BS), pretty,and by Hollywood standards she’s private, discreet and classy.

    Or at least that’s what I pick up from her and her perceived lifestyle in the 30secs a year I pay attention. And even I knew she was gay, or bi, YEARS ago.

    • F2:
      Yah, exactly. I won’t say that any particular Jodie Foster movie is a FAVORITE, but I have certainly always enjoyed her work. And the gay thing, oy. There’s probably an Aboriginie in Kookaburra who doesn’t know Ms. Foster’s sexual orientation, but pretty much the rest of the world got the clue many moons ago.

  3. About 85 people, spurious members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, vote on the Golden Globes, so it takes about 20 votes to win. Bunch of hooey.

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