Linwood Barclay, Liberal

Yep, this chap’s a big lib, no question about it. Unfortunately, he happens to write great books like the one I just finished called

Trust Your Eyes

(He’s also written No Time For Goodbye, Fear The Worst..stuff like that)

As if that wasn’t enough, he writes really funny columns like

It’s Time to Protect Toronto’s Cars From Reckless Pedestrians (making fun of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who all liberals hate because why? He’s conservative, duh.

Ok, so big deal, he’s a liberal who writes great thrillers and funny columns, what’s the problem? Only that, for some of his fictional characters, he uses details from well-known situations but then changes one critical detail, their political affiliation.

For instance, in Trust Your Eyes, “Morris Sawchuck”, the crusading New York Attorney General who hopes to run for governor, happens to be a philandering serial skirt-chaser, whose last wife killed herself in the barn on their estate. Sounds like a delightful combination of Democrats Elliot Spitzer and Robert Kennedy, Jr., right? But no, liberal Linwood simply can’t resist making him a Republican!

Think of it this way; if one of the characters in a book you’re reading is described as a conservative politician who gets caught trying to bump feet with a guy in the next stall at a public restroom (Idaho Senator Larry Craig), but the author makes him a Democrat, wouldn’t you find that annoying? And the book contains numerous other examples of needlessly inserted political opinion, all of it anti-Republican, anti-conservative.

I guess what I hate is this left-of-center “template” that seems almost inescapable, whether it’s a murder mystery, a magazine, a web-site, a textbook, a newspaper; you name it, it’s all infused with liberal dogma. Doesn’t anyone question authority anymore?

Linwood Barclay, damn good writer.  Too bad he can't keep his politics out of his mysteries!

Linwood Barclay, damn good writer. Too bad he can’t keep his politics out of his mysteries!

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