The Spread, Norwalk’s Newest Restaurant

Oh come on, I said Norwalk, not Westport, fer cryin’ out loud!  Susie and I got to the front door of this place, from central Greenwich, in about 17 minutes, no biggie.  Exit 14, head straight, go down the hill, bang a right, and you’re there, park right in front…easy-peasy.

What You Get

There’s a really cool bar, glass-walled kitchen, beautifully “eccentric” furnishings, but most important, amazing food, prepared by the former chef at Napa, in Stamford, all for about 1/3 less than the typical Greenwich joint. So go, what’s stopping you?

Note: As always, this is a free plug (but one of these days, I’ll wise-up)

The Spread web-site


The Spread, 70 North Main Street, South Norwalk (just before the movie theatre).

3 thoughts on “The Spread, Norwalk’s Newest Restaurant

  1. “The Spread?” Reminds me of summer camp in Vermont in the 50’s when the butter-like product served at meals was just “pass the spread” please. (The please was silent, of course.) Maybe it’s a sports reference… I do wish them luck, though. We need new, fun places.

    • Reat:
      I find the name of the place puzzling, as well. Anyway, there’s a string of decent places on that block. If you go up to see a movie, I recommend you stop first at “Burger Bar & Bistro”, next door to the theatre. After the movie, you stroll over to “The Spread”.

  2. Oh, you non-foodies! A “spread” is a feast, as when laid out on a table. Also, while Burger Bar and Bistro is a different scene than The Spread, it should also be said that this is a great place to go for a drink and free bar appetizers before the movie. Also, when the weather warms up, dogs are welcome at their outside terrace. They even have a dog menu – featuring burgers, chicken and sweet potatoes! Haven’t tried it, but a neighbor said their dog gave it two paws up.

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