Back From St. Barth’s! (According To Chris Fountain)

St. Barth's beautiful "Saline Beach", not a nudist in sight that day!

St. Barth’s beautiful “Saline Beach”, not a nudist in sight!

CORRECTION (see below): Not 84 recent deals so far this year, it’s 87.

Yep, the vacation has ended so it’s back to work, earning money to keep Governor Malloy and Prez Obama in fresh cash! The highlight of the trip? Once again, my villa was right next-door to ditzy zillionaire “Beyonce” and yes, she seemed hard at work rehearsing her next lip-synching job, this time for the half-time show at SuperBowl XLVII on February 3rd, can’t wait!

How’s the market? Based on conversations with fellow brokers, things continue to hum along nicely, and it even appears that prices are rising in all categories, the first time I’ve been able to say something like that in about 6 years.

Here’s what’s happened since January 1st:

25 house sales

7 condos sales

And…are you sitting down?

EIGHTY-SEVEN accepted offers & executed contracts, zounds, that’s a heck of a lot of activity in 28 days, amazing.

7 thoughts on “Back From St. Barth’s! (According To Chris Fountain)

      • bargain because of the land size over 8 acres?.. the location seems kinda out there and the house is rather small.. so, you are weighing heavily on land value then, I suppose?

      • Shed:
        Hmmm..yes, I guess it is the land that impresses me, although I do like this house, its guest house, and the pool. And you’re right, Bedford Road is certainly way “out there”, although, if you work in White Plains or regularly visit Westchester Airport or Brunswick School, maybe it’s not so out there.
        I sometimes flippantly remark that you “drop a million for every mile past the Merritt Parkway”. Perhaps this is a good example.

  1. I sometimes flippantly remark that you “drop a million for every mile past the Merritt Parkway”.

    Gideon, your relative pricing application for this circumstance would need to be handled in percentage instead of absolute terms. Example: 2 miles north of the Merritt exists both a $2 million and a $10 million property, if they are both relocated 2 miles south then one becomes $4 million and the other becomes $12 million.. therefore, one is 20% higher and one is 100% higher..

    this reminds me of the 1988 classic film, Twins. It was hilarious and starred both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.. Anyway, you should see it sometime because I wonder between yourself and Chris who is more like Julius and who is more like Vincent?

    welcome back from vacation..


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