Thruway Noise: Who Cares?

Lots of people, that’s who… but, like so many things in life, it depends on your tolerance level.

One of Greenwich’s great strengths is its proximity to a multitude of different transportation venues. Starting with Long Island Sound itself, moving northward, you’ve got:

  • Route 95
  • New York & New Haven Railroad
  • The Boston Post Road (Route 1)
  • The Merritt Parkway (Route 15)
  • Westchester Airport
  • Route 684

Along with all that convenience, comes noise. Is it worth it to be able to get in and out of this town in so many different ways and directions? Yes. And it’s part of the reason Greenwich is more expensive than other places.

So when reader “Anonymous” (not his real name) writes, “Nice house…but $4.8M to listen to I-95, I just don’t get it!”, I have to chuckle, not to say, snicker.

Here’s the Bing Map view of 37 Meadow Wood Drive. Zoom in and you’ll get a good idea of it’s nearness to Route 95.

And take a look at 79 Bush Avenue, also in Belle Haven. Someone just paid $6,900,000 for it a few weeks ago, and it’s even closer to I-95!

You might ask, what’s the most anyone’s ever spent on “highway property”? That would be 124 Old Mill Road, in Greenwich’s backcountry, and it sold for $24,000,000.

Conclusion: If highway noise bothers you, by all means take a look at New Canaan, but in Greenwich, there are plenty of people who find they can live with it.

124 Old Mill Road:  Magnificent estate.

124 Old Mill Road: Magnificent estate.

13 thoughts on “Thruway Noise: Who Cares?

  1. Me again – still anonymous because I don’t know how to put a name in….
    6.9 mil, 24 mil? It is not necessary to go to New Canaan. For those prices you can get something lovely and quiet – on the water even. Flood risk sure, but peaceful.

    • Anonymous:
      You’ll get no argument from me, old Anonymous pal. With almost 50 square miles, Greenwich has plenty of quiet places where, if desired, one can escape our multitude of transportation byways. But it usually means you’ll have a long way to drive to get anywhere. Worth it? Not for me, but for you, undoubtedly.

    • Lib Ad:
      Great SCOTT, man, when you say “range”, are you referring to a shooting practice area?? Don’t you know guns are bad, evil, and wicked, and should only ever be in the hands of government employees?
      But yes, it would indeed make an excellent range!

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