Builder/Broker Peter Thalheim Unloads Another One!

38 Keoffram Road, Old Greenwich, CT now has “executed contracts” and builder/broker Peter Thalheim is reported as being both listing broker and selling broker in this transaction.

When I hear that a builder is going to act as his own broker, I think of that old saying about lawyers representing themselves* (did I mention Thalheim’s also a lawyer?).

So I’m chagrined, chastened, and other cha-words, to discover that ol’ Thalheim appears to be pulling this off successfully! He is helped by the fact that he builds a decent house on great locations. That’s a clue for other builders out there, Mr. Thalheim is always willing to pay up for the right lot (this particular one may have been a partnership deal with the lot owner).

Here are two of his earlier efforts.

If you can stand the music and the narrator, you might want to check out the virtual tour-thing for 38 Keofferam. It’s annoying as hell, but still manages to be almost useful and informative, especially that part about using “ground water for the sprinklers and toilets”!

*Lawyers that represent themselves have a fool for a client.

38 Keofferam Road, new construction,$4.495M, listed in August, now has deal.

38 Keofferam Road, new construction,$4.495M, listed in August, now has deal.

5 thoughts on “Builder/Broker Peter Thalheim Unloads Another One!

    • MTA:
      Now, now, tut tut, let’s leave the snarky remarks to the host here, shall we? Besides, what’s new on Gilliam? Or did you design this one? If so, that was indeed a very good job on a “challenging” piece of property. As for Thalheim’s effort on Keofferam, I still like it.

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