14 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich

And as long as we’re disagreeing with Chris Fountain, let’s discuss

14 Sound Beach Avenue.

Blogger Fountain apparently angered the seller of this home by advising would-be buyers to “bring your earmuffs”. Why ear muffs? Because, oh horrors, it’s next to the thruway.

Now, honestly, can’t we all just calm down about road noise a bit? Consider this: Some of the most coveted real estate in Manhattan is in the fabled “Sutton Place” district, around 57th to 59th street, and guess what all those multi-million dollar apartments overlook? The FDR Drive and its six-lanes of 24-hour/day traffic, oh the torture!

And I’ve recently discussed these two recent Belle Haven sales in the $5-7M range, both very, very close to Route 95. And speaking of Belle Haven, a well-known hedge-fund zillionaire at this location* gets to see/hear Route 95 every time he sits on his back porch enjoying a fine cigar!

But getting back to 14 Sound Beach Avenue…the place is priced at $599,000 and, are you sitting down?, it’s in the (mysteriously desirable) Dundee School district! I can tell you that my listing at 33 Sound Beach Avenue Extension sold specifically because it was Dundee. And, unlike my listing, which closed for $500,000 and needed everything done to it, 14 Sound Beach Avenue is move-in condition!

The only question about real estate with a “drawback”, be it graveyard, thruway, railroad, parking lot, convent, you name it, is this: Is the drawback priced in? If so, and you personally don’t care about the drawback, then go ahead and buy that house!

*This Bing Maps link to Harbor Drive, Greenwich, doesn’t seem to work with mobile devices.

14 Sound Beach Avenue, offered at $599,000, Dundee School district.

14 Sound Beach Avenue (side view), offered at $599,000, Dundee School district.

7 thoughts on “14 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich

    • anon:
      What, Chris is the bad cop, and I’m the good cop? Well, maybe/sorta, but that suggests some kind of cooperation between us. No, what we have here really is good old brotherly disputes.

  1. You Fountain boys are just like the Harbaugh brothers..

    Chris is John and Gideon seems to be Jim..

    either way you both win, stop trying to kill each other.. the competition is healthy..

  2. Very little of Sutton Place actually overlooks the FDR Drive. Much of it goes over the Drive.

    River House overlooks the Drive, but there is a fair amount of distance. In any event, River House is not bustling with top dollar sales these days, given how gracious the apartments are and how exclusive the building is.

    Similar story with 1 East End Avenue. Very nice apartments pretty discounted. That also overlooks the Drive.

    • Anon:
      Oh, for heaven’s sake, trying to make a point here, dammit!
      But seriously, I think it is safe to say that apartments overlooking the FDR (and the east river) certainly don’t sell at a discount, do they?

      • Far from it, East End Avenue apartments in NYC may not have the massive 5th Avenue premium but by any measure they are desirable, you are totally correct. People discount Belle Haven noise vs. other parts of town yet are quick to complain about it in other locations like Riverside. I would live in Cos Cob Harbor in a heartbeat and take some road noise in return.

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