10 thoughts on “Thursday Open Houses

    • Ants:
      Um, yes. Yes, indeed, BUT…first of all, it’s direct waterfront, and when you’ve got that, the other stuff fades into insignificance. In addition, mysteriously absent in the photos (of 187 Shore Road) is a nice-looking wood stove in the family room.

      • Ant:
        Well, I agree, $3.495M does seem like a damn good price (for 187 Shore Rd) and, who knows, it may sell below that number. The only drawback is that it’s pretty close to the road, a problem not shared by that other waterfront property you’re thinking of.

    • another:
      Hmm, you refer, of course, to tropical storm Sandy, and its presumed effect on waterfront prices. On this particular one, I’m not sure it applies, although certainly the lower driveway area goes underwater once in awhile.

  1. I’ve heard being 3 feet from the road, in a flood zone, and having a stove are “killer apps” – in the modern parlance…..this one will fly

    • Bob:
      Not “3 feet” from the road, but yes, quite close. As for the flood zone, the first floor of this house is at least 16 feet, maybe 18, so no problem there. Most importantly, however, it’s a REALLY nice house, trust me on this one, matey.

      • It’s also a few doors down from the “Hoarder House” complete with a collapsed porch roof ( how come this place is not condemned )?

      • Riv:
        Ah, you must be referring to the old shack at the sharp corner of Shore Road, just past Nawthorne Road. Since that property is approximately 1/2 acre of waterfront, I’d say those owners get a solicitation letter from builders once per week! But is it really necessary for the Town to step in and condemn?

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