For The Week: 22 Accepted Offers

115 Byram Shore Road, $2.495M, started at $2.850M Feb., 2012, now has deal.

115 Byram Shore Road, $2.495M (started at $2.850M Feb., 2012), now has deal.

Amazing, swell, magnificent!  But is it the magic number of 30 per week that broker Gid has scientifically (ok, arbitrarily) determined to be the minimum weekly number that defines a hot market? No, gosh-doggone-it, but… a good week for deals, a very good week.

22 accepted offers which includes…

1 multi-family building 

and these four properties that went straight from “available” to “executed contract”.

20 Stoney Ridge Lane and 9 Lockwood Ave

Here’re two more I liked on yesterday’s open house list:

20 Stoney Ridge Lane, Riverside

9 Lockwood Avenue, Old Greenwich

Both of these listings are fine examples of what might be called the “Riverside/Old Greenwich compromise” by buyers also considering properties in the 2- or 4-acre zones. There’s a lot of house here, at both addresses, but not a lot of property.

Both houses are expertly and tastefully renovated; all the multitude of decisions that owners must make when updating, changing, decorating, have already been made, by  clearly talented people.  Buyers of these two places need only to move in and start living.  If you’ve ever endured a new-build or renovation, you know how significant and valuable “move-in condition” can be.

And yet…we brokers know all too well the signs of impatience from some buyers, riding in our cars, as we tour Riverside and Old Greenwich.  They simply don’t like the “tight” R-12 and R-20 zoning down here.

You can make all the arguments you want about the value of living on quiet little lanes and streets, where kids scamper from property to property without the need of mommy-cheuffered “play-dates” being set up, where you actually walk to the train station, the school, your friend’s houses, wow!

But not to some.  No, they want…. land, lots of land, under starry skies above, don’t fence them in!

20 Stoney Ridge Lane, Riverside, $2.795M. There's a "comp" across the street that justifies this price.

20 Stoney Ridge Lane, Riverside, $2.795M. There’s a “comp” across the street that easily justifies this price.

9 Lockwood Avenue (that's the Lockwood off Sound Beach Ave), absolutely beautiful, completely done, includes bedroom/bath over garage!

9 Lockwood Avenue, $3.375M (that’s the Lockwood off Sound Beach Ave., OG), absolutely beautiful, completely done, includes bedroom/bath over garage!

Open Houses: What, Again?

Unlike the rest of you, we brokers need to get out there and actually work once in awhile! Yep, ol’ Mr. Sun is barely peeking over the tree tops when I fire up the Jag at 11:00 each morning (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to begin the Herculean task of hauling myself around,  visiting these broker open houses.

Sipping cool beverages, munching on gourmet sandwiches, plodding through gorgeous houses…think it’s easy?  It ain’t, brother! You better walk a mile in my Tod’s before you criticize.

Delightful humor aside, however, the answer is yes, bunky, broker open houses are held twice a week.

Here is my list for yesterday’s (Thursday) open houses, and what a list! Some really nice places were on the tour.

My fav?

141 Taconic Road

141 Taconic Road, $6.495M, just amazing. Broker claimed it's "always been owned by important people". That bit of shameless marketing worked, it does feel important in there!

141 Taconic Road, $6.495M, just amazing. Broker claimed it’s “always been owned by important people”. This bit of subliminal marketing worked, it did feel important in there!

Mid-Country/Back Country Greenwich: The Continuing Struggle

504 North Street (corner of North & Dingleberry), has closed at $5.8M, say hallelujah!

504 North Street (corner of North & Dingletown), has closed at $5.8M, say hallelujah!

504 North Street, Greenwich, has finally, finally found a buyer; nice (and sold by the owner-broker herself, extra nice!) but it serves as another reminder of how mid-country/back-country prices are still depressed.  I know there were/are critics of this house, but I happened to like all 15,856 square feet of it.  I also liked the over-sized lot of 3.3 acres, and its semi-close-to-town location.

Was its initial asking price of $12.960M, back in June, 2007, somewhat ill-advised, in retrospect? Possibly.

But like it or not, this is a lotta house and land for the money. Hell, a customer of broker Chris Fountain’s paid $4,750,000 a few months ago for 4.9 acres of land across the street   (upon which to build one house)! That particular sale gave me some confidence that mid-country prices might be firming up, but then this happened.  Hmmmm.

Note: The 504 North Street link contains three listings for this address.  It will show you the whole evolution of the deal, from the original “land” listing, that the builder paid $3.5M for, in August, 2004, to the first listing of the new house, and finally, the last listing, where it finally sells.

The Best House I Saw Yesterday

Surprise! It was the one for $13,750,000!

But seriously, it’s not always the case that I like the big expensive ones, dammit.

6 Meadowcroft Lane is so-o-o nice, though. It’s a genuine “mansion”, the sort of place that Hollywood and the rest of the media likes to portray as a typical Greenwich home. Comes with eight acres, plus three more acres on the side (donated to conservation).

The 13,000 square foot house is not just a bunch of rooms, but is instead, a nicely connected group of living spaces, each with a clear purpose.

6 Meadowcroft, the grand front hall. This is a true center-hall, with a door leading out on either end.

6 Meadowcroft, the grand front hall. This is the view you get as you enter, looking towards the main staircase and the back door beyond. Hard to capture in a small photo, but this is one of the best entrance halls in Greenwich, maybe the best.

My favorite was the indoor/outdoor room on the east end of the house, overlooking the pool. This stone-floored room has radiant heat, and all its large glass windows get swapped for screens in the summer. Naturally, there’s a fireplace in this room, so it’s perfect for that after-dinner cigar.

For the broker open house, it seemed like all eight fireplaces were operating, burning actual wood (imagine!) and I was reminded once again that burning wood is much, much nicer than seeing those phony, cement logs roasting in a gas flame.

Haven’t even mentioned the amazing, perfect, master bedroom suite, the garaging for eight cars, the kids’ really cool rooms, the Golden Retriever, sprawled out on his bed in the kitchen, wearing a lamp-shade, but… you get the idea.

Danica Patrick And The World Of Auto Racing

Racer Danica Patrick, in non-racing attire. You should see her in (flame-resistant) Nomex!

Racer Danica Patrick, in non-racing attire. You should see her in (flame-resistant) Nomex!

The interesting thing here is to see this woman hang in there and get better and better. There’s no “affirmative action” for women in the world of racing, you either make the grade or you don’t. This is big.

Today: Danica Patrick earns pole position* at Daytona 500.

*The term has its origins in horse racing, in which the fastest qualifying horse would be placed on the inside part of the course, next to the pole.

I Know! Let’s Next Kill Julian Fellowes!

Actor Dan Stevens, in his role as "Matthew Crowley", heir to Downton Abbey, seen here, seconds before turning in his dinner pail.

Actor Dan Stevens, in his role as “Matthew Crowley”, heir to Downton Abbey, seen here, seconds before “turning in his dinner pail”.

UPDATE: Spoiler Alert! Read no further if you haven’t yet watched the last episode of the season.

Not the actual guy who writes the popular British series “Downton Abbey”, but his character; let’s kill that off, shall we?

Anyway, that’s how I felt after watching tonight’s season-ending episode, where young Matthew Crowley gets knocked off in a motoring accident mere hours after the birth of his son. Then I found out the fault lays with the actor, Dan Stevens, the chump who plays him. Apparently, actor Stevens yearned for “freedom” and turned down work in future episodes…phaw! The man’s obviously a twit, so good riddance.

Taxes: Who Pays Them In Greenwich?

Not surprisingly, the answer is, most of us!

Here is a list of the top tax-payers in Town and how much they paid.  Keep in mind, the amounts shown represent just property taxes.  These individuals pay many, many times these amounts to the state of Connecticut.

As I’ve highlighted multiple times, just this one little town of 60,000+ people sends over $1,000,000,000 (yes, BILLION) to the blood-suckers in Hartford, yet our major cities have people going hungry. We need new solutions. Maybe, just maybe, even higher taxes, and even more government isn’t the answer.

Hartford shakes down Greenwich every year for ONE BILLION PLUS DOLLARS.  And guess what? The want more.

Hartford shakes down Greenwich every year for ONE BILLION + dollars  Guess what? They’re coming for more.