This Week: 34 Accepted Offers

I’m not happy about some of the closing prices I’m seeing but, dag nabbit, this volume is GREAT.

34 accepted offers in one week. I haven’t seen that number in about, what, 5 years, maybe more.  Zowie.

1 “executed contract” is among those accepted offers (it skipped the “a/o” status)

Oh, and..

1 multi-family.

Featured below, broker Jean Dana’s spec-house listing on Winthrop Drive. It had a deal last month, the deal fell apart, now it has quickly picked up another deal. If you haven’t driven around Winthrop lately, you’ll be surprised; it’s getting to be all mansions.

Winthrop Drive, $4.495M, had a deal, deal fell through, got another deal! (Note: Image used with permission of listing broker!)

63 Winthrop Drive (off Riverside’s Lockwood Road) $4.395M, has deal. (Note: Image used with permission of listing broker!)

6 thoughts on “This Week: 34 Accepted Offers

    • Ano:
      Oh, fiddle-sticks (pardon my language)! It’s not “playing games”, it’s what I would call “understandable caution”. Deals fall apart, as you know, and if the word goes out, early on, that a place has an accepted offer, the showings all but come to a halt. Better to wait at least until the contracts are sent out.

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