146 Hendrie Avenue: Gone

146 Hendrie Avenue, Riverside (corner of Arch St, overlooking Binney Park), asks $1.175M, gets  $1.1M after just 61 days.

146 Hendrie Avenue, Riverside (corner of Arch St, overlooking Binney Park), asks $1.175M, gets $1.1M after just 61 days. Now, nothing left but the dumpster.

146 Hendrie Avenue, Riverside, CT

Reader “Riverside Mom” tipped me off to this one, another tear-down I hadn’t realized even was a tear-down! Located on the corner of Hendrie Avenue and Arch Street, overlooking Binney Park, this place was the site of many, many Fourth of July parties over the years, and why not, it’s perfectly positioned to take in the fireworks show across the street.

But, it happened to have .44 acres (in the R-12 zone), so the FAR is huge, so now it’s a hole in the ground. Selling price was “only” $1.1M, which, based on recent sales, almost sounds like a bargain!

9 thoughts on “146 Hendrie Avenue: Gone

  1. Ever sit in front as a train went by? This is located well below the tracks and the metal bridge is very noisy. Worth a ~$300K discount? Probably.

    • D:
      “Bridge”? You refer, perhaps, to the nearby tunnel, built in 1848 as part of the creation of a railroad line connecting Greenwich to New York City? I don’t agree that trains passing over that tunnel are noisier there than anywhere else…

      • I dunno… Elsewhere in Riverside the topography has the train at grade or even below grade for the homes. When this place came on I sat outside in my car and it seemed the clank pretty noticeably and without any topo to impede it – seemed not great to me. I could be totally off base though – I don’t live there.

      • D:
        I played a lot of little-league baseball on that field across the street, and I suppose I was aware of trains going by, but it never seemed like much of an issue. On the other hand, when I (attempt to) play golf at the Town’s King Street golf course, located beneath the primary flight path of Westchester Airport, THAT I notice.

  2. This area always seems dark when I go by. Maybe it’s better at other times of the year, but it doesn’t seem to get much natural sunlight. Seems like the right price though.

  3. I’m curious about that tunnel once the sound beach bridge goes down for multi-year replacement. No doubt traffic through the tunnel will surge but the town has pledged to keep one lane of sound beach ave under the bridge open the whole time. Will they restrict the tunnel to traffic going the other way of the open lane? It’s going to be a zoo if they keep it two lanes and sound beach ave only flows out of town. In that case everybody will take tunnel into town but technically the Riverside Ave side of the tunnel has right of way. That could lead to absolute chaos on Arch Street with cars backed up and make it much harder to sell this house when it’s rebuilt. Open House at 2AM anybody?

  4. Looked at it, train noise is pretty bad but I am amazed at the dough people will spend to back up to the train for new construction. It’s not just the noise, living near that kind of voltage long term is not great for one’s health but obviously everyone has their own opinion on that one and even other Doctors would differ with me on that.

    • Anon:
      “Living near that kind of voltage”, what does that even mean? Caffein, birth-control pills, electro-magnetic radiation, these are the THREE most studied things in the medical universe. Conclusion? They’re all harmless! Likewise for silicone breast-implants, cell-phones, and artificial sweeteners. Please, please, worry about REAL hazards, like lack of exercise and dental neglect.

      • As a train adjacent homeowner, I worried about the high voltage wires as well even going so far as to buy an EMF meter. Definitely worried me for a bit but I got over it.

        What bothers me more is the trains blowing their horn for no reason. Completely inconsistent on when they actually do it and sometimes the horn blowing is downright excessive. I chalk it up to bored train operators. Sometimes they do it when there are people around and sometimes they don’t do it when people are around. And there are times they do it when there is definitely nobody around.

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