“Someone In This Household May Have A Pending Court Matter”

The "Possible court matter" call...feel free to ignore, it's a scam.

The “possible court matter” call…feel free to ignore, it’s a scam.

Regular readers know that, for the last two years or more, I’ve gotten a once or twice per day answering machine message with the following stern warning:

“Someone in this household may have a pending court matter…Press 1 and you will connect to a live agent for further directions in resolving a possible court matter.”

Sometimes the voice varies; a menacing low-voiced male on Monday, a more pleasant British-accented lady on Wednesday, an eager American-accented female the following week.

As an experiment, I have decided to see just how many years these crooks will go before giving up. It’s only the damned home answering machine, which we rarely pay attention to, so the experiment is harmless. And yes, our home number is on that stupid, worthless “Do Not Call List”, already. I even updated my enrollment, and it has no efffect on these miserable worms.

For anyone even vaguely alarmed by this type of message, I can assure you, it is meaningless. My “possible court matter” has amounted to nothing in two years. No police arriving at the door, no credit-report troubles,. Trust me, it’s a scam.

6 thoughts on ““Someone In This Household May Have A Pending Court Matter”

  1. its me, this is how I reach out over the phone.

    ps – you really should accept the call and then direct them to your brother or FF.

  2. I use a vintage dial only phone for these types of calls, I can’t press 1, I have to dial it and I dial the 5 and the 0 and ect. and it keeps repeating itself with the same warning, lol every time

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