8 thoughts on “A Martini At La Crémaillère…Banksville, Greenwich, CT/Bedford, NY

      • Gin, accckkk! Toxic noxious stuff that.

        Iced potato vodka, strait up, twist of lime. Who the hell needs that girlie white vermouth polluting a perfectly good pour of spirits. Teton Glacier is a nice one.

      • lib ad:
        Dude…er…My good man:
        Let me quote from the authoritative source on the subject, namely, Ms. Nannette Stone’s The Little Black Book of Martinis…
        “For the purist, a martini is always icy cold gin with dry vermouth, served in a long stemmed, cone shaped glass. It may be garnished with a ribbon of fresh lemon peel or an olive skewered on a pick—but it is an otherwise plain, naked, honest drink.”

        Any questions?

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