For The Week, 20 Accepted Offers

20 accepted offers, which includes…

1 multi-family and

5  “executed contracts” ( that never got reported as “accepted offer”)

16 Hurlingham Drive, $12.950M, in Greenwich's "Conyers Farm", has deal. List:: Joseph Barbieri. Sell: Shelly Tretter Lynch

16 Hurlingham Drive, $12.950M, in Greenwich’s “Conyers Farm”, has deal. List: Joseph Barbieri. Sell: Shelly Tretter Lynch

3 thoughts on “For The Week, 20 Accepted Offers

  1. Odd – we had an executed contract several weeks ago but nothing reported yet. Is that typically by oversight or design?

    • Rust:
      Fully executed contracts should have been reported by the listing broker; there’s absolutely no reason not to, so I can only guess it is, as you suggest, “oversight” (or just laziness).

      • That is crazy to not report the contract for weeks. Sometimes one looks at a listing and cannot figure why the listing has not sold. This is an example of why a good house appears not to have sold – but really it is gone.

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