Martin Goldstein, Holistic Veterinarian

Marty Goldstein's excellent book. You don't have to read the whole thing, but use it as a reference, to look up specific pet problems.

Marty Goldstein’s excellent book. You don’t have to read the whole thing, but use it as a reference to look up specific pet problems.

I’m skeptical of everything, including skeptics. When it comes to medicine, conventional or alternative, I’m ultra-skeptical, although I readily acknowledge conventional medicine’s role in increasing the average American’s life expectancy by decades over the last century. Dogs and cats are missing out on this life expectancy improvement, however, because they suffer from multiple cancers and other serious health problems. A lot of it’s probably the result of over-breeding, and maybe low-quality food, but who knows?

So when The Pet Pantry alerted me to a Saturday morning lecture at their New Canaan branch by noted holistic veterinarian, Dr. Martin Goldstein, I went and listened, and was impressed. Not because of his celebrity clients, or his theories about “pollutants in our environment” and “climate change”, or even his somewhat extreme anti-vaccine philosophy*.  Nope, what impressed me was his observations, gleaned from a forty-year career, on what works and doesn’t work, for keeping cats and dogs healthy.

The next day, I started plowing through his 350-page book, “The Nature Of Animal Healing“.  This is not an easy book to read. Here is an excerpt:

“Another is an enzyme called SGOT – serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase. In people, SGOT is found both in muscle and liver cells. In animals, oddly enough, it’s found mostly in muscle. So its usefulness is specific. Yet it’s rarely noted unless a pet has, for example, acute heart disease; by then, all it does is indicate the obvious. Then there’s LDH – lactic dehydrogenase- which unfortunately is no longer included in most standard blood tests. LDH is closely involved with lactic acid, which builds up when carbohydrates from food are not being metabolized properly. Carbohydrate metabolism is handled primarily by the pancreas. So LDH is an especially good indicator of pancreatic function. And because of its link with lactic acid, it also tells us whether the blood is too acidic or too alkaline- a crucial yardstick for metabolic balance.”

See? It’s just a tad “dense”, wouldn’t you say? And what are the odds Dr. Goldstein’s celebrity clients, folks like Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld, Martha Stewart, et al, have actually read even one page of this thing? Zero.

And given the average celebrity’s record on investing, choosing political candidates, or just making it through the day without saying something stupid, would you trust any decisions they make? You would not.  But you can trust me; this vet is worth considering. He and his associates can be found practicing animal medicine at:

Smith Ridge Veterinary Center, 1 Smith Ridge Road, South Salem, New York 10590  (914) 533-6066.

P.S. As a non-celebrity (kills me to write that), I was naturally shunted off to a mere “associate”, a Dr. Jacqueline Ruskin, but she is as well-qualified, and as steeped in the Goldstein philosophy as ol’ Marty himself.

* Goldstein’s against nearly all vaccines. If you want a further understanding, read the book.  In the meantime, take one piece of his advice: Don’t let your vet administer multiple vaccines to your pet on the same day.

15 thoughts on “Martin Goldstein, Holistic Veterinarian

    • Anon:
      Goldstein’s theory, based on his observations of thousands of patients, is that multiple vaccinations place enormous stress on the animal’s immune system. The immuno-suppressive effect of so many different vaccines delivered at the same time can make the pet susceptible to a variety of ailments, including cancerous tumors.

    • Anon:
      Yep, I used to think that, too! And, to be sure, some of this holistic stuff may well be crap, despite my growing respect for it generally. The part that appeals to me is the concept of “whole” health; if something’s wrong with your body, don’t just treat the symptom, do what is necessary to strengthen the body so that it’s more resistant to opportunistic afflictions.
      Listen, Bub, NO ONE is more skeptical and challenging of things than me, but whether it’s “man-caused climate change”, “911 was an inside job”, “vaccines cause autism”, or any of the other crack-pot theories out there, I don’t instantly condemn. Instead, I look, study, discuss, think, THEN decide.

  1. The best veterinary practice you will ever find. Wish I had known about him when I started breeding in the early 80s. His associates are equally good. Goldstein only takes a few super
    problematic/involved cases.
    Shots should be kept to a minimum – they do come with side effects and should never be administered in one shot. They are not out to make a fortune selling shots which is the case with
    most vets. Most will deny you service if you refuse any shot even if it is going to do that specific
    animal harm. It’s all about money, as Melissa would say on Fox Business News.
    As I recall, they (Smith Ridge Vet) bill based on the amount of time you require, If you are with the vet for 30 minutes, that is what you pay for, and so on.
    Didn’t you love that big room filled with proper food, chewies etc.

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