499 Indian Field Road: $190,000,000.

Call me crazy, but I think I can sell this thing! And yes, I’ll overlook the paltry 1.75% commission to selling broker. Yessirr, I’ll just sell this one for the love of real estate…

499 Indian Field Road

Listing broker: David Ogilvy


499 Indian Field Road, $190M, and the house may need some work!

13 thoughts on “499 Indian Field Road: $190,000,000.

    • Anonymous:
      The land appears to be owned by a Mr. Rudey, but I’m doing a little more investigating, so watch this space. In any case, the real question may be, how much money has been borrowed against the property, and does that figure exceed the price it is likely to sell for…

  1. Gids, you probably dont need to race over to see this one. Its unlikely it will fly off the shelf.

    Btw, combine this with Pilot Rock and does this make the gates of Cos Cob Harbor the most expensive in the world? Look out Monaco…

    • Cos:
      Ha! “The Gates of Cos Cob”…like that! But Field Point Circle (those hillside waterfront houses off Belle Haven that you pass on the ferry ride out to Island Beach) still reigns supreme.

  2. What is the dollar amount outstanding on this property?
    I heard something about a 50 million dollar Bofa loan.
    Inside track numbers Gid?

    • FRF:
      I have heard, from those “in the know”, that the debt on this place exceeds the asking price (of $190,000,000). Can this be true? I have my doubts, but, in any case, my guess is that it will be sold in pieces, first with the house and 10+ acres, then the rest, for development. (It’s also possible that it will be seized by the politicians, and their hand-picked state supreme court stooges in Hartford, for low-income housing!)

      • The undeveloped land represents a nice opportunity to cement a local hedgie’s name in eternity if they chose to acquire the land and designate it open space / town park. Like the tree tops deal years ago, but even grander.

      • Gideon,
        You’re really back!
        How was St. Barths man?
        I am in need of a good body surfing expedition at saline myself.

        So, the debt could exceed the asking price!??
        That is absolutely absurd, but in this town anything is possible apparently.

  3. Has it slowed down over the past two weeks or are you and your Bro under reporting the frothy sub $3MM market news?

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