I Want This Watch

My new watch, the Garmin “Quatix”… (and see video, linked below)

I assume “Quatix” is supposed to be pronounced like the tail-end of the word “aquatics”, wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, guess what this watch will do, among its many, many features! If you fall off the boat, the watch detects this instantly, and will steer the boat back to you! Think  Lone Ranger’s horse, “Silver”, so cool.

But Gid, I hear you saying, isn’t your idea of sailing pretty much limited to sitting on the top deck (nice weather only, please), sipping rum drinks? What would you need a fancy watch like this for, exactly?

Sorry, what did you say?

Garmin Quatix, the watch that brings your boat back to you when you fall off. Hint: Christmas is just around the corner...

Garmin Quatix, the watch that brings your boat back to you when you fall off. Hint: Christmas is just around the corner…

11 thoughts on “I Want This Watch

  1. I look forward to lifting this watch from your arm and tossing it on the Pilot rocks to see what happens.

  2. Given your known right-wing leanings, you better pray that Valerie Jarrett doesn’t direct NSA to hack the watch and send your boat sailing away from you.

  3. I know this racial imbalance redistricting stuff doesnt affect a realtor to the stars such as yourself….but how about a posting for recent activity anyway?

  4. And what’s with your bro removing you from his ‘blogroll?’

    Is he really bitter that you have a buyer for the 190MM estate?

    And is the racial imbalance cloud ruining your biz? I would think you would be unaffected as 80% of your clients are probably private school households. Of course, there is so truth to the notion that the situation affects all prob values regardless.

    • Cos:
      Yes, I see that I have been banished from For What It’s Worth…shocking, not to say, hurtful. And no, I do not have a buyer (yet) for the $190,000,000 listing, but I think I will be the selling broker. And finally, the “racial imbalance issue”, I will post an editorial on that shortly.

      • Welcome back from your golden cave. When you have that blowout party for making a deal on the 190 estate, dont forget to invite me. Its the ‘Gates of Cos Cob angle’ that is sure to seal the deal.

      • Cos, you rascal:
        Sigh/groan….yes, old chum, I am already using your “Gates of Cos Cob” line on all my would-be buyers. After the big sale, we’ll celebrate at My Favorite Place or The Cos Cobber*.

        * Hint: The Cos Cobber serves martinis.

  5. Had to google you to get here. Hmmm… I have a lovely blog called “Between The Gates ” regarding all things doula and CF won’t list me either, so of course now I feel much better.

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