The High-End Wakes UP

All summer long I’ve been asked, “How’s the market?” I’ve answered, “Great, up to around $4M.”

But what began as a trickle in March, has now picked up steam, to the point where you could almost pronounce the high-end as “recovered”. I say “almost” because here we are, six long years since the collapse, and there are still plenty of back-country properties worth less than their owners paid in 2006 or 2007.

Nevertheless, here’s the good news:

17 sales of high-end, $7M+ properties (under contract or already closed, in the last six months).

Below, a stellar example…

List: Tamar Lurie

Sell: Marijane Bates-Hvolbeck

76 Winding Lane (close to town, off Lake Ave), $11.750M, now has deal.

76 Winding Lane (close to town, off Lake Ave), $11.750M, now has deal.

3 thoughts on “The High-End Wakes UP

  1. Your name came up this morning at FWIW as a potential placeholder in Greenwich Goverment running on the DTC line. I thought that an interesting possibility, given your close personal relationship with Cap’n Crunch developed over your joint stewardship of FWIW a couple of years back while Chris and Walt galavanted across S.E. Asia.

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