9 Dingletown Sells $325K Higher Than 2004

9 Dingletown (off Greenwich's North Street), just sold for $4.65M.

9 Dingletown Road (off Greenwich’s North Street), just sold for $4.625M.

So, using this example, everything’s hunky dunky * with Greenwich real estate, right? Actually, yes.  This is a very positive sign. Keep in mind, the sellers added a pool and numerous other improvements, so there was probably no actual profit (remember those days?), but this is a great price for mid-country Greenwich, six years past our government-sponsored real estate disaster.

9 Dingletown Road  2013

9 Dingletown Road  2004

List:  Chris Finlay

Sell: Jane Owen Brash

* Favorite line of Carl, the headwaiter at Rick’s Place, Casablanca.

2 thoughts on “9 Dingletown Sells $325K Higher Than 2004

  1. That IS good news. All presumably happening in spite of the economic clusterf_ckery of Obama and his best local squeeze buddy Dannel. Seems like the trend is even flowing into parts of West Waziristan.

    • LibAd:
      It is good news, this steady recovery of the real estate market, surprising, even. And it has been growing from the bottom up (the opposite of past recoveries), now finally reaching the $5M+ segment. So Greenwich, once again, seems to be in good shape.

      For the rest of the state of CT? Not so much. Driving through various upstate areas this summer reminded me that our heavily taxed and regulated state is almost in an economic depression.

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