Darien Calls To Me

8 Cross Road, Darien, CT $3.995M, now has executed contracts.

8 Cross Road, Darien, CT $3.995M, now has executed contracts.

No, no, I’m not moving, but every once in a while, a Darien, New Canaan, or Westport property reminds me there are other places to live besides Greenwich, particularly if you don’t have to work in NYC.

8 Cross Road, in Darien’s “Tokeneke” section is just such a property; a classic 1920’s colonial, close to LI Sound, loads of lawns, and separate guest quarters over the 4-car garage.   Do the yellow Formica kitchen counters and 1950’s bathrooms cry out for updating? Sure, although I happen to like everything just  the way it is. It came on September, 2012 at $4.6M, reduced down to $3.995M, now has executed contracts.

Besides its 3.3 acres, you also could have picked up an extra 1.278 acres for $995,000, but it appears that the buyer declined. Too bad.

List: Nancy Dauk

Sell: Not sure (if you know, tell me)

9 thoughts on “Darien Calls To Me

    • Junkie:
      Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, and you’re right, of course, but I really like that style. As long as everything’s in great shape, I’m satisfied. The actual buyer, on the other hand, undoubtedly feels different about this.

      • I hope no one tears it down. The first big house we ever owned was exactly this vintage, down to the same wood paneled living room that vexed us aesthetically – does one paint the wood, leave it untouched, or remove it? We left it for a while until trying to decorate around it became too much, so we painted it ivory and it changed the room completely. I bet this house even has a foot buzzer under the dining room table. Ours did but no matter how often I pressed it, Hazel didn’t appear. Drat.

        Speaking from first hand experience, the hardest part of renovating a home this vintage that has never been updated is adding central air and redoing the heat. Upgrading the windows too. Probably dealing with some lead paint. Old insulation. Laundry in the basement. That’s a whole lotta greenbacks to upgrade. It’s a beauty however and worth the time and money, IMHO.

      • LM:
        Very, very well said, alphabet boy! You’ve conveyed a load of useful information there, in those two little paragraphs (makes me a little uncomfortable when reader comments are that well written). See? I told you short afternoon naps would do the trick!

    • Info:
      Plywood, the stuff often found underneath carpeting, also referred to as “sub-flooring”, didn’t become widely used until after 1942, so the odds are, this 1920’s house has hardwood throughout. Interestingly, Wikipedia claims Alfred Nobel’s father, Immanuel Nobel, invented plywood (and that name used to be trademarked) in the 1800’s.

  1. Very sadly, it IS BEING TORN DOWN. A Tokeneke classic landmark gone. What do we get instead? Not one but two spanking new McMasions for the junior hedgies. So, so sad….

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