Greenway Island Becomes… A Bargain?

Greenway Island, Stamford,CT, now priced at $8.995M. Now will you look?

Greenway Island, Stamford, CT, last priced at $12.8M, newly re-listed at $8.995M.  Now will ya look?

Wow, there’s nothing like a ten million dollar price reduction to freshen up a listing!

140 Wallacks Drive, as I wrote recently, came on the market way back when, at the rather princely sum of $18,900,000. Various listings, with various prices, and various brokers, all came and went. Now it is back on with a new broker and a new price, $8,995,000, zounds!

So is it a “bargain”? I’m not sure, and that’s exactly why, when a client wants to buy outside of Greenwich, I refer them to a local expert. Anyway, if you’re about to buy waterfront anywhere near this price range, you owe it to yourself to go look at this one.

List: Charlotte Felt

5 thoughts on “Greenway Island Becomes… A Bargain?

  1. ? David Martin is the newly elected Mayor of Stamford and [sarcasm on] he’s already revalued the property and bumped up the taxes … [sarcasm off].

  2. Wow, for the price of just two houses in what used to considered middle class neighborhoods in Riverside that’s quite a bargain. I used to live in that neighborhood and it’s a very nice quiet area (in my opinion, far superior to Shippan) with lots of pipe fish and lobsters that can be see walking around in the shallow waters of low tide at Cummings Beach. On the down side, getting in and out of there (to the thruway is a pain in the butt, especially after they closed exit 8); there’s only one supermarket convenient to the area, and they gouge accordingly; the tap water periodically turns brown (or at least it did when I lived there in the early eighties), maybe they were flushing the pipes, but no one seemed to know.

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