Former Griswold Estate Sells Again, This Time For $25 Million!

531 Indian Field Road (aka "Nipowin Lane") has sold again, this time for $25M.

531 Indian Field Road (aka “Nipowin Lane”) has sold again, this time for $25M.

Yep, it’s happened again, only this time, tragedy struck, no brokers involved! *

531 Indian Field Road is a fabulous Mead Point waterfront parcel.

Speculation is that the buyer is the owner of a well-known investment fund based in
Westport, CT. Could be true, who knows?

You’ll see on that old listing that the place fetched $18M in 2007, with “7.5 acres”.  In actual fact, while the entire Griswold parcel was 10.4 acres, an adjoining neighbor had made an earlier deal to acquire around 4.1 acres, so the Griswold house was sold with the remaining 6.3 acres, and that is the size of the parcel that just traded.

Interestingly, that “adjoining neighbor” recently spent $7.250M to protect his other side, buying up this place, which happens to adjoin this magnificent parcel.

One last interesting fact: The Griswold property looks over the former home of US Commerce Secretary Robert Mosbacher, property known as Nipowin Island.  Could it be that the current owners of Nipowin Island are, in fact, the buyers of the Griswold parcel? And will they build up there, or were they just looking for (unbelievably expensive) privacy?

* “No brokers involved”, meaning no broker paid! As usual, there was a broker involved, and though she provided expert advice on this deal, she was not compensated.

3 thoughts on “Former Griswold Estate Sells Again, This Time For $25 Million!

  1. I still think Dalio is most likely to scoop up Copper Beach if the seller is really willing to sell at a price the creditors are really willing to settle at. Another a second (or third?) 50MM wont hurt old Ray.

    • Trade:
      Nope, can’t agree that one deal is superior to the other. Buying an impressive, nearly new house, with elaborate, extensively landscaped grounds, on Greenwich’s Lake Avenue, is a good move.

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