A Quick, Easy Way To Sound Smarter

It’s all about how you pronounce the letter “N” at the end of a word. Stupid people will invariably pronounce the word “button” as though it were spelled buh-EN. They do this because someone forgot to explain the process of forming what linguists call the implosive n.

Here’s a short video to help you understand this serious problem:

19 thoughts on “A Quick, Easy Way To Sound Smarter

    • Shed:
      Absolutely right, and I considered mentioning it, but I like to keep these things brief.
      But former president Jimmy Carter is a perfect example. While clearly an idiot, the guy did graduate from Georgia Tech, so we can’t call him un-educated. Yet he pronounces “important” as though it were spelled im-POR-dnt. Not correct, but certainly preferable to the moronic “im-POR-ent. That “d” sound makes all the difference.

    • Cos:
      Ha! Like the proverb that states “An infinite number of monkeys, pecking away at an infinite number of keyboards, will eventually turn out a Shakespeare sonnet”, YOU have blundered into something interesting!

      Fact is, the inability to pronounce the implosive-n sound is indeed largely found among under-educated American females.As to why this is so, I am clueless, but maybe if you rejoined your fellows at the keyboard, you’ll produce an answer!

  1. Is this the beginning of a new video series? It is part of a community service obligation? Is it your Christmas gift to the world you cheapo?

    I look forward to your next installment when you cover dropping the “g” from words ending in “ing.”

  2. I can’t wait for the tattoo removal segment. I really do hope you provide comprehensive video. Maybe one of a little she-devil tat being removed from the high inner thigh of an attractive Thai lass? THAT would be GREAT!

  3. Oh my. This is hilarious! I’m def showing this to my Sociolinguistics class. Oh– that thing the “stupid” people are doing is called a glottal stop.

      • Agreed. Point well-made! Is it also a sign of an uneducated boob to have periods and commas outside of quotation marks?

      • Kir:
        You’re skillful the way you lure the reader in, first with agreement and compliment, then the slap at the end. There’s something of a pedant about you, have you ever considered teaching? As for your (entirely specious) comparison of plainly stupid ways of speaking vs. trivial questions of punctuation placement, I reject it. Here is a useful discussion of the silly issue you raise, which, besides illuminating the topic, also provides my excuse, viz, though I am thoroughly American, there are some things I will always do “the British way”.

  4. Was it THAT obvious? Staunch bureaucrat by day and Lafite-swilling one-percenter by night! Like most politicians. Maybe I should run for office? Not if I go around offending people, I guess.

  5. Suggestion for next pronunciation video: the word TO, often horribly pronounced te, as in te be or not te be. Drives me NUTS!!

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