Finally, A “Real” Scandal!

(Above, Casablanca”s Capt. Renault, playing the part of an incredulous American media: Shocked, shocked, to discover a politician using his powers to punish political enemies!)

Meanwhile, the media bends over backwards to ignore these obviously phony scandals:

Using the IRS to persecute political enemies….yawn.

Mysterious order to Benghazi rescue party to “stand down”…ho hum.

Justice Dept. running guns to Mexican drug cartels….sigh/groan

NSA data-mining every single American’s phone line…blah, blah, blah

E-mail evidence White House knew all along you wouldn’t be able to “keep your insurance plan”…z-z-z-z-z-z-z

But finally:

Traffic cones placed on the George Washington bridge, causing 4-day traffic jam?…Stop the presses! Start the investigations! Divert all media resources to Fort Lee, New Jersey, until further notice!

The only good part of this story may be the lesson finally taught to liberal Republicans: The media absolutely love you “mavericks” until the day comes when you are thrown under the bus because, no matter how liberal you may be, ultimately, you will never be forgiven the sin of being Republican. Sorry!

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