Two New Spec Houses

These two were on the broker open house list today…

751 Lake Avenue, on for $8,295,000.

751 Lake Avenue, on for $8,295,000.

7 Oakwood Lane, $7,195,000.

7 Oakwood Lane, $7,195,000.

What with the Town of Greenwich’s (and FEMA’s) “war on property owners”, it amazes me that somehow there are still brave builders around who can get big jobs like this done, yet, here they are, two big, beautiful new houses, ready to move in.

Here’s what these properties looked like before development:

7 Oakwood Lane, before

751 Lake Avenue, before

6 thoughts on “Two New Spec Houses

  1. What do you think of the prices? Are they realistic without pools, no elevator (on Lake), no stain grade wood in the library (on Oakwood), compromise lots, what’s up with that?

    • Anon:
      22 Cornelia Drive ,with 8,149 sq.ft.,was built by my friend, the builder Jon Sparks. I’d say it was a fairly good comparable for both these listings, if you add multi-hundred thou for larger size, and market improvement since 2012. Not sure about the lack of “stain-grade wood” in the Oakwood Lane library, but I do disagree that either of the building lots are “compromise” land. They are not.

  2. I like 7 Oakwood best. They paid $1.8m for the lot and probably built the house for around $3mil. They should have been able to put it all together for $5mil.

    • Once:
      Nope, after much thought, I’ve decided 751 Lake is the best of the two. Maybe I’m a sucker for slate roofs, or perhaps it was the wide, wrap-around flagstone porch, but to me, it felt like more house. As for your estimated total cost for 7 Oakwood of $5M, that could be right, but when in doubt, err on the high side.

  3. I was told the house to the right of 7 Oakwood is coming down and that the guy on the corner next to it wants to make the land part of his yard. The house is still there though.

    If that is true, much more privacy for 7 Oakwood.

    The house next to 7 Oakwood on the left is a beautiful home, but only has about an acre of land. In any event 7 Oakwood is very private.

    My one reservation would be that the nursing home property is in back of it, and you never know when that property will be developed, or into what. Could be a rude awakening if that ever happens.

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