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Kim Swift (left), and Abigail Moore, both of Kelly Assoc., Darien. I like their blog.

Kim Swift (left), and Abigail Moore, both of Kelly Assoc., Darien. I like their blog.

I’ve added a new name to that “BLOGROLL” on the right side of my front page, it’s called Real In Darien. Kim Swift and Abigail Moore sell real estate in Darien, CT for Kelly Associates, and their blog provides useful information about the Darien market.

Is it a Chris Fountain-style blog? God, no! It’s not even the mildly sarcastic Gideon Fountain-style blog, although Kim and Abby have been served the usual cease-and-desist letters from a number of little cry-baby real estate offices in Darien (including some Sotheby’s twit married to a builder). That fact absolutely amazes me, since this blog actually compliments and promotes other broker’s listings, oh the outrage!

7 thoughts on “Darien Real Estate Blog

  1. Very stylish girly blog! How curmudgeonly of their fellow RE-ers to complain. Love the details like an entire photo devoted to one side carriage lamp. If we left the world up to men, they’d duct-tape a flashlight. 😉

  2. It is really hard to tell from the typed words of a blog how the author pronounces the letter, “N”. I am not sure if Kim and Abigail would meet Gid’s tough standard in that respect. Next, whatever happened to the next segment in that series regarding tattoo removal?

  3. So typical that other cry baby (read: jealous) realtors would resort to sending a cease-and-desist. I feel lucky to have found these two girls. They are just as lovely in person as they are on the blog and they actually sold my house.

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