NOT! Chrysler Pulls The Plug On Best Super Bowl Ad

UPDATE: It turns out, I may have been overly harsh with ol’ Chrysler. What happened, I think, is that they wanted their link to be the official one for re-views of this great commercial. I suppose, maybe, kinda, that is semi-reasonable of them….

Ha! Here I was thinking admiring thoughts about Chrysler, not only for having the good sense to produce such a good, effective commercial, but also because that commercial actually had changed my perception of them.  But no, I take it all back, they’re still fools, and I will continue to shun their cars and trucks.

As seen below, they’ve invoked a “copyright infringement” claim against this tiny blog, and, I am sure, all the other sites around the world that had the audacity to promote Chrysler products because…too many people were watching their commercial and having good thoughts about Chrysler?

Brilliant, just brilliant.


Aww, screw ’em! Here, I’ve re-posted the %#@&-ing commercial! (Let’s see if they bother to pull it again)

5 thoughts on “NOT! Chrysler Pulls The Plug On Best Super Bowl Ad

    • Suz de Cor:
      Bob Dylan’s autobiography is called “Chronicles”. Was it as good as Keith Richards “Life”? As for violinist Isaac Stern’s “My First 79 Years” (love that title), I will investigate.

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