Gideon’s Birthday

The bar at Bedford's La Cremaillere Restaurant (just over the Greenwich line), the perfect place to observe Gideon's birthday...

The bar at Bedford’s La Cremaillere Restaurant (just over the Greenwich line), the perfect place to observe Gideon’s birthday…

Let’s be serious a moment…

Should a sane, rational, non-narcissistic, functioning adult actually give a crap about his birthday, past the age of 10? Okay, 16’s a big deal, and maybe 18.  21, I guess so.  But have you ever heard someone exclaim, “Gee gosh, I’m 24 years old, I’ve made it!” Of course not. And by the time you get to 39 (my odometer stuck at that number), my goodness, who cares!

That being said, some of you* clearly forgot that February 15th is my big day. Is it too late to send presents? No. Is there a price limit? No. Suggestions? Well, I’ve had my eye on a certain Omega watch, but short of that, think cigars, chocolate, whiskey, and coffee, real easy.

* As in, all of you.

11 thoughts on “Gideon’s Birthday

  1. Also, I’m sure Gideon would enjoy a nice, juicy listing, Riverside preferred, but any property other than fringe areas would likely be appreciated, I’m sure.

  2. Dude: I’m SO sorry I missed your Birthday! Will I make it up to you if I send you one of my spare LBFMs? How about two of them? Just make sure you send them back to me fed and bathed, OK?

    You Load!

    [not] Walt

  3. GID!
    So sorry I missed it, I was in…wait for it, your favorite…. ST BARTHS!
    Yep, Saline, St. Jean, Colombier, Flamands, and Goveneur 🙂
    It was sweet my man
    Hope you enjoyed la Creme
    I was eating baguette and sipping Moët in my infinity pool!

    Sell some more houses in FPC and you might be able to book after April 15th

    Happy bday funny man,

    • LargeMichael:
      Thank you for the update, many of my readers don’t receive your newsletter, so are tragically left out on the details of your exciting life. So it was Saint Barth’s, ay? And which of the fine hotels did you stay at, or did you return to the yacht each evening?

      • 3 bedroom villa high on the hillside overlooking Flamands.
        If I had a yacht docked there I wouldn’t be back here crying about how cold it is.
        All I have left are pictures and dry skin.
        Gideon, I’m laughing btw.
        Many thanks bud!

  4. G-
    Hmmm, please accept this belated birthday wish. Also let it be known that when “Saving Mr Banks” was released, I couldn’t help but think of you.
    Thanks so much for the Danica thing-

    • Thanks, “Claire”:
      But you neglected to say why “Saving Mr. Banks” reminded you of me. I shall Netflix it and see if I can figure it out. I do recall me Mum very reluctantly taking us kids to see Disney’s Mary Poppins movie, warning us “This is NOT how Mary Poppins should be portrayed!”

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