Putin vs. Obama

Ol' Vlad, takin' charge. I don't like this guy one bit and I wish we had someone who could face him down.

Ol’ Vlad, takin’ charge. I don’t like this guy one bit and I wish we had someone who could face him down.

Morning talk-show host Mark Simone (WOR 710 on your AM dial) places way too much significance on appearances, in my opinion, but he made a good point this morning about the difference between the image of Vladimir Putin, seen here, exiting a helicopter yesterday with some of his military honchos, and the usual image of President Obama, seen wearing Dad jeans. One guy looks formidable, the other….not so much.

I’m not saying America needs to be led by a “strongman”, far from it. We don’t need a dictator, or anyone who desires to be one, but it’s a tad alarming to see what we’re up against, and what we’ve got.


4 thoughts on “Putin vs. Obama

  1. Gid,

    I remember you had an intelligence measure based on the pronunciation of the letter N. Let’s compare how President George W. Bush and President Obama pronounce the N in Putin. It would appear that Mr. Obama may indeed pronounce it in such a way to score higher on your test and appear to be more intelligent and hence a better leader. However, this example shows the major flaw in your test. Also, please enjoy the following links below.

    I like the differences in dog walking:


    this just sums it up:

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