Brunswick’s Phantom Of The Opera

Brunswick's Phantom Of The Opera, absolutely amazing. See it if you can.

Brunswick’s Phantom Of The Opera, absolutely amazing. See it if you can.

When you go see a high school production, you’re prepared to cut the kids a little slack, wouldn’t you agree?  Last night, we watched Brunswick School (with Greenwich Academy) put on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version of The Phantom Of The Opera, and I was in full slack-cutting mode, and yet, 10 minutes into it, I actually forgot these were kids, it was that good a show.

For 10 bucks admission, this is the theatre-going deal of the century. You should see this production. Looks like it’s sold out tonight, but tickets are still available for Saturday’s performance:

No refreshments! (BYO martinis)

2 thoughts on “Brunswick’s Phantom Of The Opera

  1. I’m sure it’s fine, even good. And I am sure the acoustics are much better than the (existing) GHS auditorium. However…. not to bring up school rivalry (and I will admit I am biased) … GHS is far superior in the music department. GHS’ music program is one of the best in the whole COUNTRY! Please. Does anyone else want to weigh in?

    • Trade:
      Absolutely RIGHT, old chap! I have seen some amazing theater at Greenwich High School, so good, I remember thinking “Who ARE these kids?” And I also happen to think the High School auditorium acoustics are superior.
      But my property backs up to Brunswick, we got invited to the show, and I got to walk in with my gin and vermouth in a go-cup. Hard to beat.

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