Good News For “Walt”

33 Laub Pond Road (off Cliffdale, off upper Riversville), $1.595M, quick sale!

33 Laub Pond Road (off Cliffdale, off upper Riversville), $1.595M, quick sale!

Regular Chris Fountain readers are familiar with the hilarious*  character who calls himself “Walt”. He and the rest of the “commenting crew” regularly dismiss the value of streets like this, but they’re wrong once again!

Broker/architect/all-around smartie Paul Pugliese brought 33 Laub Pond on the market only a few days ago, and bam! A deal is struck.

The ask was $1.595M, and for that, you got a very tired garrison-colonial on a truly beautiful piece of property that includes a pretty pond. Will it be torn down? Renovated/expanded? I’m sure we’ll find out soon. Either way, a quick sale like this is a positive development for the back-country.

33 Laub Pond Road (this link will probably expire, so I will keep “renewing” it and see if that works)

List: Paul Pugliese

Sell: Jill Miller

*So not.

9 thoughts on “Good News For “Walt”

  1. Selling at barely over assessed value, while R’side and OG sell at multiples of assessed value, hardly seems like a positive development for back country. More like capitulation if you ask me.

  2. Lovely house too. Even if requires some work to be fully updated, is large and has all the right rooms. A very good buy if one is not using the public schools there.

  3. Talking about good buys – just noticed 10 Heronvue for $919. Problematic floor plan, but for less than $1 million in that area, I could live with the floor plan.. Rewindow the place (floor to ceiling) and maybe renovate kitchens and baths and you have a nice place in the woods for $1.2ish. On this you can use lower priced Anderson windows without sacrificing the look so to speak, as that brand is good for contemporaries. Seems to be in a conservation area with 10 acres of a small street put aside for conservation. A little over 2900 square feet and a downstairs master for those who want it.

    • Guest:
      I, too, happen to like Heronvue (take Riversville Road to Cliffdale). It is certainly w-a-a-a-y back there, but still, it’s a pretty spot. Here’s a link to the property you’re talking about, listed by Bonnie Caie: 10 Heronevue. Your idea of updating sounds feasible, but my guess is, this will be a land sale.

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