Pricing For A Bidding War


25 Evergreen, off lower Lake Avenue, across from The Field Club. Everyone wanted it!

29 Evergreen, $1.250M, off lower Lake Avenue, across from The Field Club. Everyone wanted it!

Truth is, most of the time, when a bidding war breaks out, the broker is caught completely by surprise. That’s fine, as long as the broker has the good sense to realize what’s happening, and then just get out of the way!

That might be what happened recently at 29 Evergreen Road; great old 1947 ranch on .51 acres in the R-12 zone. An over-sized lot, and the particular topography of it, probably made this very attractive to builders. The place was gone in a weekend, and I’m guessing it went over ask. $100K? 200K? Can’t wait to see!

Here’s a couple more that recently went over ask:

81 Husted Lane, Greenwich

68 Northridge Road, Old Greenwich

Useful tip: Click on the listing link, then select “map”. On the map, click on the little star showing on the lot, then click “Bird’s Eye”.

Also try “street view” (not always available).

Got it?



5 thoughts on “Pricing For A Bidding War

  1. I feel sorry for real estate people here in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Pebble Beach.

    This week, starting yesterday, is a very pricey Relais & Châteaux GourmetFest that brings attendees and winemakers/chefs together from US/France.. The sky was brilliant blue, fresh and pine scented, birds singing, the sun on the sea. I was speaking to a man on the beach from Nantucket who’s renting an expensive home on oceanfront Scenic Drive. He said, “This is the prettiest beach I’ve ever seen”.

    Then the jets come over and spray their poison aerosol mix of aluminum, barium and stronium. My lungs and brain feel sprayed like a bug, can hardly breathe and the sky becomes an unappetizing gray. Not to mention this is the ‘salad bowl of the world’ and all that relentless crap they are spraying goes into the soils, on the agriculture, and water supply.

    Smart people won’t buy here seeing that. Monsanto’s involved, natch. They have a patent for aluminum resistant seeds. Earthbound Organic Farms a few miles away sold out for $600M while the getting is good.

    Here is one of the jerks speaking at TED who hatched the insane scheme. A paid flack/Harvard plant meant to ‘sanitize’ what is going on; and who owns a carbon sucking company so economically benefits.

    What Big Ag never talks about is that there are 55 BILLION food animals on the planet raised every year. One average cow weighs 10+ of me. ie 1300 to 123 lbs. Or 20x 60 lb children.

    The way to stop climate change is stop monoculture crops, grow food locally and organically not with an arsenal of chemicals that benefits ONLY biotech and is killing people and the planet, and stop eating animals. Humans are herbevores….if we interacted within the system as we were meant to act the planet would be fine.

    It’s all about greed and very sad. Even an oceanfront view is rather lost on the people inside
    battling cancer and neuro diseases.

    The planet is poisoned at an increasing rate in their depopulation schemes. While kids with cancer are worth $300K a ‘unit’ to Big Pharma.

    Declassified NASA Document under the Freedom of Information Act that details things like this to depopulate. Note how our government describes outmoded humans:

    Click to access 130729.future-strategic-issues-and-warfare.pdf

    Dr. Strangelove is alive and well and spraying children with poison.

    • french:
      Goodness gracious! A lot on your mind today, that’s for sure. Ok, so I see you’ve covered all the usual left-wing bugaboos, like Monsanto, cancer, monocultures, Big Pharma, climate change…no mention of the Koch brothers, Cheney and Bush’s covered-up plot to take down the World Trade Centers and (gasp!) “Building 9”, or was it Building 7? And cell-towers, what about cell-towers?

      Anyway, ok, fine, I get it. Unlike my readers, I actually plowed through your entire essay PLUS, I visited the links and read all that crap, too! Here’s my problem with all of it: For at least the last 30 years, I’ve been told we’re poisoning the planet and yet, the incidence of every type of cancer has declined. The life expectancy of the average American has increased, from 47.3 years, in 1900, to 77.7 years in 2006 ( And our country’s statistics would be even more impressive if we weren’t bringing in 1,000,000 impoverished south Americans every year. But regardless, the question is, where’s the evidence of poisoning? Less cancer, longer lives, where’s your &%#@-ing evidence?? Girl! You got NOTHING!

      • This blog has become totally sucky. What the hell happened? Where’s the content and why let this horse crap nonsensical diatribe waste valuable electrons in cyberspace? At least 10 carbon dioxide atoms have been generated in the last 10 second to keep that post from Frenchy alive on some server in Nebraska. Time to kill it in the name of saving the planet and restoring common sense.

        PS – I’m headed out to eat a cheeseburger – this site better be a whole lot better when I return. We want real estate info – damn it.

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