This Market Stinks!

Ok ,perhaps I’m being harsh. We have had, after all, a winter that wouldn’t quit, but dammit, on Monday, I want to see plenty of “accepted offers”. Is that too much to ask? Come on! Beautiful weekend, flowers (remember those things?), birds, grass growing…where are the New Yorkers?


Here’s a good example, a “stock photograph” of a young couple buying real estate, where the @#%& are they?

23 thoughts on “This Market Stinks!

  1. Another great thing about Greenwich, and count blessings on this, no “Smart Meters” as we have in Carmel, horrid.

    • french:
      I’m not even going to Google this because I’m pretty sure you’re referring to the voluntary (for now) program that permits the utility companies to place a device in your home that allows them to unilaterally adjust your thermostat up or down, depending upon whatever the (all-knowing) government deems responsible?

    • Shed:
      Oh, pipe down, sergeant! As you well know, I am indeed “out there”, selling this stuff every &@%#-ing day. But the daily report-of-sales has been sadly lacking. Mostly, I’m seeing rental activity. Not helpful.

  2. I would add that this week(end) will be slow: school vacations, Holy Week, Passover….all times when folks are spending time doing other things besides looking at Real Estate. However, if things don’t pick up by the end of April…..what do you think is really going on? Is Riverside still “hot”? or not so much? Are other towns posting more contracts? Seriously, what do you think is going on?

    • Anon:
      I’ll post a report of a month’s worth of Greenwich single-family sales shortly. What I’m griping about is very much anecdotal, merely my “impression” that not enough sales are being reported, but I’ll take a look at last year’s March-April results and see how they compare.

      If things are indeed slow, I naturally blame government meddling. If there is one single phrase that sums up government programs, it is “un- intended consequences”. In their zeal to help people, liberal politicians always end up hurting more than helping.

      • Its slow because
        I) job growth continues to lag in CT – even in SW CT…we are way behind other states in the climb back to the 2007 employment peak in terms of total employed (forget unemployment as an index).
        II) the weather hurt feb
        iii) the sellers have raise their expectations
        iv) the best measure is to see how new listings fair….and there have been a few new listings that havent done as well as I would have thought…so – you are right.

  3. Lack of buyers or lack of inventory? Seems to be complaining around about both. Why is there a lack of inventory – seems that the market has recovered so I’d expect a lot of new listings?

    • Anon:
      I’m hearing reports of bidding wars, up and down the price scale, which is perfectly normal this time of year (remember that when you are selling. Jan Feb Mar Apr, great time to sell), but where are the official reports? Brokers are not reporting these deals.

  4. You are missing a perfect opportunity to BLAME IT ON OBAMA. Why should I have to point this out? BENGHAZIIRSACAGATE!!!!!!

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