Another Secret Riverside Deal?

177 Riverside Avenue, rumored to be sold to a builder. True, not true, we'll find out soon.

177 Riverside Avenue, rumored to be sold to a builder. True, not true, we’ll find out soon.

This is pure rumor, but I’ve now heard it from multiple sources, so maybe it’s actually true; the former “Hatch” property at 177 Riverside Avenue has been sold, apparently to a builder. How much? I’d guess around $3.6M * for this 1.71 acres in the R-20 zone.

It comes with a vintage 1804 house, but, with a lot-size more than 3 1/2 times the required minimum size, that house will soon be placed into a (considerably younger) dumpster. Broker involvement also rumored…

Here’s what the tax card reveals about 177 Riverside Avenue (all publicly available information):

CRS Data Property Report for 177 Riverside Ave, Riverside, CT 06878-2212-2

* Let’s hope they got more than my guess, because I’ve deliberately estimated low…


7 thoughts on “Another Secret Riverside Deal?

  1. It would be unfortunate to see that old home taken to the dumpster. As a kid, I sometimes wondered what our properties on Gilliam must have been like when this house was built. Farmland? Woods? Indian skate board park?

    By the way, have you traded the Jag in on a Benz?

  2. What’s the deal with the sales history. Glaser sold it in 2004 and then bought it back in 2006…seems a little odd. Possibly family situation.

    • One of the adult children of the Glasers originally purchased the house (guessing that was the 2004 sale) and then sold it to the senior Glasers who live there now. (guessing that was the 2006 transaction). Was also under the impression that one of these transactions involved a preservation clause in which they agreed not to subdivide the property.

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