Ada’s To Become Trader Joe’s


Trader Joe's comes to Riverside...really? What about parking?

Trader Joe’s comes to Riverside…really? What about parking?

Yep, you heard it here first *, Trader Joe’s has bought the venerable Ada’s candy store, the beloved shop that generations of  Riverside children have grown up with.  Will the Trader keep the famous candy selection? What about the rumored Jaguar dealership opening up in back? Only time will tell…

Ada’s Candy Shop Being Renovated: Greenwich Time




* Possibly because I made the whole thing up.

11 thoughts on “Ada’s To Become Trader Joe’s

  1. “Born and Razed” lives!
    On topic, while nostalgists such as myself who purchased candy there in the ’50’s may wish for the reincarnation of Ada’s (and of Ada, herself), at least some remnant of that fine institution will now rise from the reminiscent ashes. Gideon…do you recall an earlier day when “Ada’s” was called “the Louise Shop” when Ada’s older sister ran the joint ? At the time, some neighborhood wise guys referred to it, unfairly, as “the Louse House.”

    • Cobe-ster:
      All that you say it true, old boy. As a wee lad, barely tall enough to see into the candy display case, my friends and I referred to the store as “Louisey’s”. My disapproving Dad was among those that called it the “louse house”, mostly because it made a nice rhyme, I think. I was around 20 when I finally learned the store had an official name: Riverside Variety Shop, phone number 203-637-0305. If you’re a real cognoscente, you can tell me the number of the pay phone behind the refrigerated cases….

      P.S. At some point, the phone listing was updated and you can now find it under “Ada’s Variety Shop”.

      • The real test would be what the phone number was back in the 1950s, before area codes. Many had four digit numbers only.

      • Anon:
        Hmm…true, but you usually retained those original four digits, even as they added (for the Riverside area) the prefix “637-“. In any case, Ada’s pay phone number was…..637-1956!

      • Didn’t you all have phone numbers PRE-exchange days? Our first family phone number was 313. That was the early 1950s. Our second number had the full exchange but if you called someone in the same exchange, you only needed to dial the last four digits.

  2. Dammit, you post so infrequently I barely check the blog but 100 percent remember the pay phone was 1956. Too bad you already posted the answer. And rocky point was 1989. And if you dialed 991-any four digit extension in riverside, hung up, picked up, then hung up again, the phone would ring. We got a real kick out of that. RIP Ada.

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