Do you get “cozy” for $65,000,000?

Wayne Manor, home to Batman, Robin, and the butler, Alfred? Nope, it's just the old Hemsley place, all spiffed up!

Wayne Manor, home to Batman, Robin, and the butler, Alfred? Nope, it’s just the old Hemsley place, all spiffed up!

Plenty of brokers objected to the way the old Helmsley mansion (ok, the “Topping House”) was recently renovated. For one thing, the current owners, whoever they may be, actually tore down a wing! Where once stood 22,000 square feet, now it’s a mere 17,493, barely room for a couple, a few kids, and a staff of 15. Oh, and that dramatic fountain in the driveway? Gone.

But never mind all that, the question is, would you live in this place? Would you feel at home? Is it…cozy? The answer is yes. Amazingly enough, I found the place highly livable, and I suspect you would to.

Since it’s exceedingly unlikely they’ll be running a public open house anytime soon, you’ll have to satisfy yourself with pictures. Take a look by clicking the link below and tell me what you think.

521 Round Hill Road, listing broker Jane Howard Basham of Ogilvy & Associates.

10 thoughts on “Do you get “cozy” for $65,000,000?

  1. No swimming pool/tennis court/little landscaping. Reminded me a bit of the old Melvin Belli mansion in Pacific Heights, San Francisco….was for sale for under $30M with a Bay view, the house had some charm, the area is fantastic… Is this house worth double that? No. But hope YOU sell it! Happy 2015!

    • SdC:
      Well, you’re right, of course, and so far, the market agrees with your judgement! I should add one thing, and that is, the house is magnificantly sited. The driveway runs up a gentle slope for what feels like a mile or two (ok, 2000 feet let’s say) and when you get to the house and you gaze out over all that acerage, you feel as though you own the world. Maybe that’s not worth $65M, but it’s worth a lot.

      • Gideon….it’s worth a lot if you’re one of the Wall Street hucksters who needs to impress people….I’m out here on the Carmel/Pebble Beach coast…to me an infinitely more interesting place. The one benefit of the east coast is proximity to Europe…otherwise today sat in the sun talking to people from around the world eating organic ice cream. Why would I want to be roped to the upkeep of a fossil lifestyle? Even mega crook Sandy Weill downsized to Napa…

        You’re such a great writer and could make more undoubtedly on volume selling $3. ebooks on Amazon…not kidding. I think the market is going to crash again big in spring 2015….I’d rather be selling ebooks than worrying about maintenance on a white elephant estate… just my humble opinion. Respect for you though, bro 😉

  2. I think the reno is fine. I object to the multitude of flooring finishes–I count, what, five on the first floor alone. I also am not a fan of the ecru/cream paint throughout the first floor. It’s easily changed but it’s the same color all the spec builders and renovators are putting on their houses in Cos Cob and OG/Riverside. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth–you own a property like this to forget places like that exist. Overall I think they did a decent job dialing back the Tudor excesses while retaining some charm. I wish the photos showed the rumored Sound view.

  3. For a more authentic taste of this, just back for an alumni weekend at St. Paul’s. Maybe drop a coupla million and get your kids to attend. A better value. And you don’t have to look at the hideous black trim on the mullions. If you like English Manor, then leaded glass only, please.

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