Chase Bank gets something right for a change


The new Chase Bank building, corner of Dearfield and West Putnam. Notice how it sort of mirrors the Greenwich Library, kinda sorta? I like it.

The new Chase Bank building, corner of Dearfield and West Putnam. Notice how it sort of mirrors the Greenwich Library, kinda sorta? I like it.

I don’t like Chase Bank, can’t remember exactly why…Seems to me when I borrowed a paltry sum from them back around 1998, $33,000 or so, they were rotten to deal with. I was putting down less than 20% on a house and I needed that small amount from Chase in order to avoid some vile thing called “Private Mortgage Insurance”. I paid them off very quickly and was glad to be rid of them.

But that was years ago, I’m sure they’re much better now, right? And besides, today I come to praise Chase, not to bury it *. They’ve gone and done something smart here in Greenwich and I want to give them credit!

In case you haven’t noticed, Chase has erected a new building next door to Greenwich Library that comes damn close to being…attractive! Someone, maybe the architect, maybe Planning & Zoning? came up with the idea of drawing inspiration from the library’s handsome limestone exterior. The Chase building is not a direct copy, by any means, but it complements the library building nicely.

And there’s another great thing about this building, it was apparently built to replace a lot of those ugly, crappy little Chase branches that have sprouted up all over town like mushrooms after a rain storm. Now that they have this new “headquarters” apparently they can eliminate a few of the smaller branches nearby, hooray! Let’s hope other banking companies do the same thing and we can go back to being a town with only 30 banks instead of 78!

* a smidgen of Shakespeare for you literate types.

8 thoughts on “Chase Bank gets something right for a change

    • RealMelTormé:
      Easy lad, easy! I am a big fan of the oil industry. We’d all be huddled around campfires, trying to cook a captured squirrel, if it weren’t for those heroes. That said, yes, it is wonderful to have lived to see the replacement of all those ugly gas stations that seemed to be built weekly when we were kids growing up in Greenwich!

  1. I have wondered to what extent this harmonious look was a tacit or explicit condition of getting zoning approval. Because it looks decent, and it’s hard to imagine that’s something Chase would do independently. If the building didn’t have that glassy front with the huge Chase sign inside, it’d be even better.

  2. Chase is making a nationwide expansion of high end standalone buildings.

    “….Chase branches are in standalone locations at busy intersections and in popular “daily visit” neighborhood shopping centers anchored by supermarkets and/or drug stores.

    “Chase is going after top sites….They want the best, such as busy corner locations,” …..

    Drive just about anywhere and you’ll spy a new Chase building going up.

      • C’est vrai, that’s where the quote came from, but my eyes spy many a new large Chase around here too. Old Chase buildings that were once single story ATM drive-ups are scrapped for a fancy new all in one building, where there’s still a drive up ATM but also tellers and officers. So consolidating, maybe, but definitely making a statement with the location and design of the new builds. I call that rebranding.

  3. I believe the architect’s more immediate concern was to integrate successfully with the original Greenwich library. I also think this Chase bank aligns nicely with the Mercedes dealership further down Putnam. The new Mercedes showroom is also attractive in design with the glass fronted structure and nice toys inside.

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