Gideon droning on….

Click on the link below the photo and you’ll see my first ever use of a drone for real estate marketing purposes.

Is it just another gimmick, like those dreadful videos of an earnest young couple, talking about how much they’ve loved living in the house they’re now trying to unload? Maybe. (heck, sometimes I think half the stuff we brokers do has no serious purpose other than to keep the owner happy).

But this may be a different story. Drone videos might actually be a genuinely useful addition to the marketing arsenal, we shall see.

By the way, these things are lethal, even without a Hellfire missile! Pilot Sam told me those fast-spinning propellers “will easily take off a finger”.

Drone "pilot", the brave and talented Sam Gifford, of Osprey Imaging

Drone “pilot”, the brave and talented Sam Gifford, of Osprey Imaging ( Click on link below to watch short video of this operation.

Gideon’s first drone flight

6 thoughts on “Gideon droning on….

  1. So how does a video of a drone flying down a driveway, that clearly needed blowing by those propellers, help sell the house, other than having a cleaner driveway?

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